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Jan 18, 2007 02:34 PM

Italian Sausage in Bristol

Wondering if anyone knows a good Italian sausage source near/in Bristol. Some excellent advice from an ex-pat in a similar situtation - and some good London sources.

We just moved here from New York (Brooklyn) and we're rather pining for links and rounds.

Tried to make my own mixture, but it really wasn't the same.


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  1. there used to be a decent deli off gloucester/cheltenham road on Picton Street, I don't know if it's still there, they didn't do their own but sold a couple of pre-packed. There is another deli further up Gloucester Road on the right had side, probably a mile and a half or so. I have no idea what the name is/was. I haven't lived in Bristol for 5 years ish though so don't know if they are still there. The deli on picton st used to do very good olives.

    otherwise, there was a sausage shop in the galleries (?) one of the 'malls' in broadmead, which did a decent sausage, not the most 'italian' but good.

    Best of luck. When you say in/around where do you mean as I may be able to think of somewhere else...