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Jan 18, 2007 01:11 PM

Restaurant (north of Bloor) with private room for work event -

I am looking for a restaurant north of Bloor (better yet, north of St. Clair) to hold a work event.

There would be approximately 25-30 people, so a place with a private room would be ideal (unless there is a smaller restaurant which might be available for the evening).

Mistura is currently our leading contender, but we are seeking other options. Any suggestions are most appreciated.

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  1. You would be amazed at how many restaurants have private rooms. I would suggest picking a couple of restaurants that you like, and then calling to see if they can accommodate.

    Not knowing how far North you want to go, I might suggest Herbs, but that is North of Lawrence - their upstairs room is very, very nice. Closer to Mistura, I would suggest Boba for their gorgeous private room and excellent food and service. That said, Mistura is a great restaurant, although I have not been to a function in their private room.


    1. Quince fits the bill- private dining downstairs. I also think Lolo (Mt. Pleasant. n. of Davisville) uses the upstairs for private functions, but the food isn't near as good. Grano has private side rooms, but if Mistura is in the running, I'm not sure the food is what you're looking for.

      1. Auberge du Pommier had a private room that'd fit 30 people nicely. Good food, lovely ambiance.