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Jan 18, 2007 12:50 PM

Leaving a Restaurant/Wasting Food

You go to a restaurant and order some food, after 2-3 bites you realize the food is quite lousy (edible though). Would you stop eating, pay your bill, and then go somewhere else to eat?

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  1. I have done this is circumstances where I knew the food had been prepared properly (otherwise I would have sent it back) but I still wasnt enjoying it. I have also had the leftovers wrapped to go and left them where I knew a homeless person would find them. I might not have liked the food, but someone else likely would.

    1. I wish I had such self-control...

      When in New York a number of years ago, my sister and I went to a very well-reviewed restaurant for dinner. The food wasn't bad, per se, but it was quite mediocre for what was considered one of the top restaurants in NYC at the time. We ate it all, anyway.

      We skipped dessert and my sister, a NYC resident who was upset that I, a Toronto resident, had had such a lousy meal on the first of only two nights in the city, shlepped me to Mesa Grill, where we proceeded to order a full-course meal. I think we each ordered an appetizer and shared the rest. The food was great, our stomachs were absolutely bursting, but our palates were finally satisfied.

      1. if i don't like something i won't eat it. life is too short to eat bad food.

        recently an appetizer i ordered was refrigerator cold. the flavors were indiscernible due to the temp. server never came back to check, so i sort of nibbled on the edges while my friend ate his app. i ate my entree which was delicious, and it was still more food than i could finish.

        i've walked out of restaurants far more often for bad service than for inedible food.

        1. I always ask for the food to go and give it to someone on my way home. It also depends on my comfort level in the restaurants. There are a few local places that I am a regular at. If i dont like something and the waiter can tell-- then they will insist that i get something i like.