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Jan 18, 2007 12:34 PM


After searching the site, I see a few posters were wanting an aerogarden as a holiday gift. Anyone own one? Any feedback? I am intrigued by this product...the idea of having access to various fresh herbs year round is very appealing to me. So is it worthy of the hype? Thanks!

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  1. hello i own an aerowgarden, i growing the gourmet herbs @ the minute my herbs hve only been planted for bout 6 days but i still hve sproutings already, they seem very low maintenance, and they are very easy to set up, i %99 recommend you buy (the %1 is due to the brightness of the light)

      1. I did receive one for Christmas and have had it set up for a little over two weeks now. Everything has sprouted and is growing well; I should be able to do the first pruning in another two weeks or so. The one thing I have noticed (but haven't had to deal with yet) is that the consumables are a little on the expensive side. I have found instructions online on how to make your own seed pods and I should be able to find appropriate nutrients at a local hydroponics shop, but the bulbs (which are supposed to be replaced every 6 months) were manufactured with a custom base so you have to buy replacements from AeroGrow. Overall I have been extremely happy with how the AeroGarden has worked and am looking forward to enjoying freshly picked herbs in the middle of winter!

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          You should be able to clean out the spongy material in the seed cups and use them with your own seeds. The plastic cup base is completely reuseable. If you don't want to go through the trouble of cleaning the sponge, I think a grouting sponge from the hardware store (cut up, of course) would work, too.

        2. I think the aerogarden is worth it. I got mine back in August of 2006. I have done the lettuce, cherry tomato, italian herbs kits. The best thing about it is that it's bug free.
          I have gone away on vacation for 2 weeks, come back, and it's still fine.
          It's not the cheapest way to grow herbs by any means, but it's nice for someone who likes to have fresh herbs but don't always remember to buy it and/or can't use up all the herbs in a package.

          I currently have my own herbs growing in it, using the master gardener kit (mostly because I wanted my own combination of herbs, the kits they have usually have one or two herbs I don't know what to do with). The master gardener's kit has the advantage of the pods just snapping together, so it's easier to transplant. I had to use break the plastic pods from the old kits to get the roots out to transplant it, and it's not easy to do.

          After I run out of the sponge from the kit, I think I will just buy some from the hardware store and just order the nutrients & bulbs.

          The transplanted tomato and the basil from the kits are doing fine still doing fine, but the recently cold nights might well kill the basil.

          Check out the flickr group to see some results