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Jan 18, 2007 12:11 PM

Sat night dinner along 128

Please spare me from the Cheesecake Factory, which is where friends would like to gather for an annual dinner. I am looking for something along 128, preferably in the Dedham area where we can sit at our leisure. Help!

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  1. If you can drive 5-10 min into Dedham Center, Isabella's is nice.

    1. Bamboo at the Holiday inn in dedham right off of 128 is very good suburban chinese and respectable sushi. Sunday nights they have a nice buffet.

      1. Isabella's is a great choice.
        nice atmosphere, food is excellent
        nice menu

        another place you can try that is on route one is Vintage
        a steak house in West Roxbury; dark wood decor.

        1. If your friends are Cheesecake Factory fans (which I take as a non-adventurous group), I think Isabellas and Vintage might be a bit 'much' for them.

          For 'safe' places, I'd say:

          West on Centre in West Roxbury; Sit in the bar, great cocktails, nice room, I love the pizza with pesto. I had a dinner with a large group a few weeks ago. They were great, pacing perfect and I didn't see the bill and am still amazed how cheap the night was... I wonder if they comped us something.

          Brickhouse Cafe in Dedham (across from McGolf): Red Sauce Italian food; decent prices