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Jan 18, 2007 12:10 PM

Boston Hound in Atlanta for One Meal

Atlanta Hounds,
This has been asked before, but none of my searches turn up any recent discussions, and I'm sure the restaurant scene has changed in the last few years. I'll be in Atlanta for a weekend, and have one open meal. What are your opinions on the best restaurant right now? In the past I've seen recommendations for Bacchanalia/Quinones, Joel, Panos and Pauls, and a few others. If you had one meal and weren't worried about cost, where would it be?

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  1. Right now, for me, I would pick Quinones. It's still relatively new and I haven't been, basically because of the expense. I would love to try it.

    1. WOW! One meal, huh?

      Having just moved from Atlanta to Dallas, Ic an tell you, I really miss good pizza so for me it would be pizza.

      But, Baccahnalia is by far the BEST restaurant in Atlanta. Where are you staying?

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        I'll second the Bacchanalia/Quinones and mention the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead Dining Room.

      2. Definitely Bacchanalia!

        1. Baccahnalia has "attitude" and the food is a bit too rich for my tastes. Quinones, a spin-off, seems rather unsuccessful.
          The chef at Restaurant Eugene beat out the ones at Baccahnalia and Auria to represent the city on Iron Chef. I agree.

          1. I was at Aria the day Gerry got the call asking him to be on Iron Chef. He flately turned them down. There was not "competition". If you saw Richard Blais' debacle on Iron Chef, I can understand why Gerry and other Atlanta chefs, Joels and Gunter, have turned down Iron Chef.

            Restaurant Eugene is VERY good. But if you only have one meal, please try Baccanalia.