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Jan 18, 2007 11:29 AM

Non-asian (gluten-free) restaurants in Vancouver?

I am traveling to Vancouver with a friend that is allergic to wheat or gluten. Since soy sauce contains gluten, this cuts out most asia restaurants. Does anyone have any suggestions on good non-asian restaurants to try? We are staying at the Fairmont, so something near there would be great.

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  1. can't think of any restaurants but for breakfast, there is a grocery story called Capers with an in-house bakery that sells gluten-free muffins and other products made by a local gluten free company. Capers is on Robson.

    1. If you go for sushi your friend can easily bring some wheat-free tamari along.

      Also, maybe try somewhere from here:

      1. Capers is a great choice - they have a wonderful bakery. It is more of a grocery store / deli, but they do offer seating for eating in.

        See link below for more info on Capers.

        1. Zin Restaurant and Lounge on Robson St. is about 95% GF. I recently read a small article in EAT magazine in that they asked the Chef where he got his inspiration from. He stated that it was from his wife who is Celiac and as a result of cooking for her at home, his style of cooking within his restaurant has taken on the same style that she is accustomed to eating. The food is amazing, especially the chocolate cake and the staff all seem very informed as to the importance of being GF if, like myself, you are affected by this. Definitely worth checking out. Kind of a cool room as well.