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Jan 18, 2007 07:08 AM

Twin Cities: Top 5 Romantic Restaurant Destinations

especially with Val Day approaching.

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  1. My personal top 5:

    1. Fourpaugh's
    2. WA Frost
    3. Kincaid's in Bloomington
    4. Auriga
    5. 112 Eatery

    1. Loring Pasta Bar's ambiance is positively romantic, but I find the food pretty sub par. A give and take, I suppose.

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      1. I had always heard that Nicollet Island Inn is super romantic.

        1. Can I list LBV five times. Its the only place I would like to be taken in the cities for a romantic dinner.

          Too bad Schumacher's in New Prague closed.

          1. Not for everyone, but if you're big on irony, short on funds, have a sense of humor, White Castle does a sweet job. They put out tablecloths and candles, and print up little menus describing their "beef and poultry" and "seafood" entrees. The staff (which seems to be either high school kids or folks of retirement age) dresses up in their best outfits and provides table service. They even have a roving photographer who snaps a photo of you and your sweetheart as a keepsake.



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            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              This is just too cute for words! Almost I am persuaded to go to White Castle this year. (But I haven't had a slider since back in the day, after drinking until the wee hours.)