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Best creamed spinach in LA?

Best I've had is at Ruth's Chris, but there has to be better. Thanks.

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  1. Most LA steak houses have "Good" creamed spinach. Lawry's Prime Rib has "Great" creamed spinach.

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      Second this. I'd go to Lawry's just for the creamed spinach and a side of prime rib!

      1. re: SauceSupreme

        Creamed spinach, creamed corn, and a side of prime rib, exactly.

      2. re: mjalz

        i just ate a big glop of the Lawry's stuff and was wondering how it compares to creamed spinach elsewhere. i'll say this much: you can definitely take it home and reheat it the next day without losing anything! (wish the same could be said about their prime rib though)

      3. pacific dining car. done.

        1. I've always liked the creamed spinach at Saddlepeak Lodge. I don't know if it's currently on the menu, though.

          1. one of my students raves about the creamed spinach at julienne in san marino.

            1. I like the version they serve at The Warehouse in Marina Del Rey.

              1. The Grill's is definitive.

                Lawry's? You have GOT to be kidding. Yecch!

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                  No, not kidding. Maybe you got a bad batch?

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                    gotta disagree. Many things are good, of not great at the Grill, big fan, the creamed spinch is not one of them. It is flat and not even a hint of bacon.

                    Lawrys - creamy, rich, and BACON that hits almost all of your senses.

                  2. I love it at Baby Blues in Venice! :)


                    1. Yes, yes, Lawry's! BTW: they have the recipe for it on their website. Haven't tried it yet though.

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                        I also adore Lawry's creamed spinach, althougth the version at Ruth's Chris is pretty darn tasty as well.

                        And I have made the recipe for Lawry's creamed spinach, and it works very well.

                      2. Taylor's steak house also has GREAT creamed spinach. They only have it I think once a week. Call to check.

                        1. Cut has an excellent creamed spinach with a fried egg. I used to love the creamed spinach at the Palm but, lately, it tastes like they have added a heafty portion of cheese to it.

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                            A fried egg in the creamed spinach, man, that sounds good!

                          2. Never had Ruth Chris - but I can recall having a good creamed spinach at Delacy's Club 41 (Old Town Pasadena) some years ago... my BIL swears by the stuff.

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                              Yes! I forgot about Delacey's - very good. Also, their Cesar Salad cannot be beat!

                            2. Thanks, everyone. My mouth is watering now.

                              Since so many people have raved about it, here's the link for the Lawry's creamed spinach recipe:


                              1. Jaggerhaus (sp) at 57/Ball if it is still there.
                                I moved up to SGV from NW OC so I haven't gotten down that way in a few years.

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                                  I was just past it the other day -- moving about a mile from there in three weeks -- it's still there, still open.

                                2. Lawry's...and its sister restaurants...have the best regularly offered...the creamed spinach at Juniors Deli is offered a couple of times a week and is quite good...and when they have it, the creamed spinach at Ocean Avenue Seafood is outstanding(I have not seen it for a year of so, however!)

                                  1. I also like the creamed spinach at Lawry's. I would also add Musso & Frank to the list. Their creamed spinach is more spinach than cream and a beautiful deep emerald color. Very good.