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Jan 18, 2007 05:33 AM

Bellevue Russian Delis

Has anyone tried all the new and old Russian type delis in Bellevue?
Which one has the best slection?

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  1. the one at crossroads mall has great products, knowledgable service, and an excellent wine selection. it's the only one you need.

    1. There is a Russian Deli in the area of my office on 148th & Main (where the old K-Mart used to be) I walk by it everyday and it's pretty full of people. The food in the window looks amazing. I get to work after lunch so I have never had a chance to eat there, but it always seems to be busy.

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      1. re: stacykz

        I used to shop there once in a while... GOOD Deli but not much else

      2. There is also one on 106th and Main St. in Bellevue in a little shopping center called Bellevue Plaza. I used to work nearby and they do a great job!

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        1. re: wino22

          I went to this one on 106th, Deli of Europe. I don't have much experience with this cuisine, but I was unimpressed on the whole. The stuffed eggplant was palatable, a fried slice wrapped around some anonymous creamy filling. However, the "ukranian style" stuffed cabbage was not so good. I think it had been lingering too long before being reheated in the microwave, and the cabbage exterior was starting to sour excessively. The meat filling was also perhaps unevenly cooked. My benchmark for this dish is a hungarian recipe that I make, where the meat filling is browned with onions before being wrapped and steamed. This came with a bean and potato salad that could have been decent, but the cold temperature it was served at left the bean texture mealy and unappealing.

          I hope that From Russia With Love is better.

          1. re: equinoise

            I went to the same deli this week. I had the borscht, which was ok, and my companion and I split an order each of the beef and the potato dumplings. I preferred the potato, and my companion preferred the beef, but what we agreed was that they were not as flavorful as we are used to.