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Jan 18, 2007 04:44 AM

Granville Island, Commercial Street, Kelowna, Vernon Bakery Help


We are off to Silverstar for a week of skiing in February, and are looking for a good source for bread to pick upon the way... we are staying in Vancouver on Saturday night (just made reservations at Parkside...yum), then heading up on Sunday. I'm really looking for a fantastic rosemary bread... but any reccomendations would be welcome !

Tilt from Seattle

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  1. well if you re looking for something to compete with Essential's rosemary bread then you are going to be disappointed. Haven't found a bakery as good as some of Seattle's (MAcrina, Essentials, Le Fournil, etc). A good french bakery is Patisserie Lebeau which is close to Granville Island just off of Burrard and around 1sst Ave. SOrry, don't have the address on hand.

    1. Terra Breads makes a lovely rosemary & olive oil loaf. They have locations on 4th Ave (between Balsam & Vine) and a location in the Granville Island market. I believe they also sell some of their products in various stores around town (IGA, Capers, etc).

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        I completely forgot about Terra! You are right. And Eco Il PAne makes a rosemary loaf I believe. They sell these breads at Capers (Robson, Cambie and 4th) and perhaps at Whole FOods?

      2. European Breads on fraser street has some amazing breads as well. i live in downtown so i usually just grab their georgian baguette's at capers