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Jan 18, 2007 04:39 AM

Chilean Sea Bass - Met Market

Maybe I'm 5 years behind the times but....

Today at the lower QA Met Market(ex-Larrys) I saw that they were selling what the sign said was Sea Bass for Chile. I asked the butcher (the fish monger wasn't there) if it truly was Chilean Seabass, and he said he didn't know....

Isn't it a bad thing to be selling Chilean Sea Bass these days ? I truly respect the fish department at Met Market - The Lummi island reef net Fraiser sockey was some of the best salmon I had last summer...but isn't this a huge political ball of wax ????

Just askin'

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  1. Shouldn't be a concern, as long as their suppliers buy from sustainable fisheries. Many species have seen tremendous recoveries from overfishing, due to better regulations and enforcements, including Chilean Sea Bass.

    1. if you were in chile, would you be eating halibut flown in from the pacific northwest? "sustainable" (the new buzz word) also means supporting local markets - reason enough to not eat south american fish when we are so blessed with our own bounty

      1. I wrote an email to Nancy Leason yesterday because in her review of Barolo she mistakenly says that branzino is the same as Chilean sea bass. Branzino is a type of sea bass but is quite different than Chilean sea bass and is actually closer in taste to snapper. It is farm-raised in the Mediterranean. The reason I wrote her an email is that I'm hoping she corrects this with her readers. I would hate for people to get the idea that it is okay to eat Chilean sea bass, which is still over-fished and is a threatened species.

        However, if you are VERY confident in your supplier, then you can get Chilean sea bass that has been sourced from sustainable fisheries. Right now, only 10% of the sea bass coming from Chile is from sustainable farms. Whole Foods has recently started carrying fish from these farms but they have been admonished for doing so because of the risk that people will see them selling Chilean sea bass and will just think that it's okay to buy it from wherever, without regard to the source.

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        1. re: naes

          I'm glad you wrote to Nancy Leson....I read that and thought, huh, I didn't think they were the same thing. I think of branzino as oilier and gamier than chilean sea bass.

          1. re: Lauren

            Lauren, You are correct, branzino is a completely different fish. You can find fresh branzino at Mutual Fish.

        2. Will you be asking the fish person the next time you go in? It would be great if you could report what they say.

          1. Here is a link to the FAQ regarding Chilean Sea Bass from US Government:


            According to US Government, it is okay to consume Chilean Sea Bass as long as you are sure that the fish is from fisheries that legally fish Chilean Sea Bass under the guidelines and regulations.