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Jan 18, 2007 04:36 AM

Craving classic New York style cheesecake in Somerville/Cambridge...

something with no bells and whistles, cheesecake for the purist: dense but not heavy, rich but not unctuous, not too sweet, graham cracker crust and (light coating of) sour cream topping. No berries, flavors, etc., preferably take out. Is Rosie's cheesecake good? I really like their layer cakes.

locations in downtown Boston OK too...

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  1. I bet S&S has decent cheesecake.

    1. You're making me weep for the Elmwood Park Diner in Bergen County, NJ.

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      1. re: tamerlanenj

        s&s is truly the best cheescake, it puts juniors to shame

      2. i grew up in ny and don't think of classic ny cheesecake as having a sour cream topping.

        smith & wollensky gets their cheesecake flown in (fedex) from s&s bakery in the bronx. say what you will about the place, but the cheesecake is killer. (then again, they don't make it, lol.)

        come to think, i bet you could one shipped to yourself. i know junior's ships, and they're considered the king of nyc cheesecakes.

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        1. re: hotoynoodle

          A second for Junior's or even Carnegie Deli shipping -- have had nothing even nearly comparable in the Boston area (though I LOVE the amazing pumpkin cheesecake from Rosie's Bakery -- it's a different food altogether -- spicy with Ginger Snap crust -- wow!)

          1. re: hotoynoodle

            I thought there was a consensus that Junior's is not what it used to be, and is riding on fading memories.

          2. Fortunately (perhaps, unfortunately), my wife makes one of the best NY style cheesecakes I've ever had (and I've eaten more than care to remember), so I don't have to seek them out. The cheesecake from Juniors is still as good as it was when I last lived in Brooklyn ocer 30 years ago. Having it delivered to your door is quite the treat. I also concur that Smith & Wollensky's cheesecake is quite tasty for the local choice. I believe you can hit their bar just for desert. As for the local bakery offerings, never quite found anything that comes close.

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            1. re: barlev

              If you could be extra special nice to your DW today and have the recipe posted, the rest of us would greatly appreciate it.

              TY so much.

            2. S&W and the Palm use S&S from the Bronx, considered by many to be the King of Cheesecakes, yours truly included. I do not know of anyone who carries S&S in Boston.