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Jan 18, 2007 04:07 AM

Sick and want soup to go in the East Valley!

So here's the dilemma. I'm sick -- achy, sneezy, coughy, feverish. I desperately need soup, but I am at heart a civilised man and I don't want to infect the rest of you by sitting there in a restaurant. So I need soup to go.

The other problem is that the medicine I've been given makes me slightly dizzy, so I probably shouldn't drive -- at least not very far, anyway.

I live (for the next three weeks) near Victory and Coldwater in Valley Glen (a.k.a. North Hollywood -- we're east of the arroyo).

Pho 999 won't work for me, because pho just doesn't travel well even when they pack it all separately (but if you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them, because it's exactly what I want!)

I've had the various soups from the various Thai places on Sherman Way and I'm done with tom kha and tom yum.

It may be that there aren't a lot of choices, and that's OK, I'd just rather know -- but my brain is fried, and to be totally frank my usual policy of "think in a spiral from your house" is making me woozy just sitting here in my chair.

Help me out, if you can... otherwise I'll be forced to eat Campbell's from Vallarta.

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  1. Find the nearest T.J.'s and get a couple of their boxed soups. Actually quite good - Tonight I made Matzo Ball w/2boxes of their Organic Chicken broth, T.J's. Kosher chicken breast, about 1/2 cup barley, sprinkling of tarragon, mini carrots and my homemade matzo balls which are really easy to do. Far better than Brents, or maybe even Greenblatts! I also have had their tomato and roasted pepper soup. Feel Better! :)KQ

    1. Check out the soup offerings at any Whole Foods Market. Generally there will be 3 or 4 soups offered near the prepared foods counter, and additional fish-based soups near the fish counter.

      1. What about chicken soup from one of the Mexican restaurants? I can't recommend a particular place near you, but I know many of the places have good soups with broth, chicken, and veggies. I think Tacos El Zorro on Sherman Way and Coldwater Canyon has a full menu that has soups.

        Art's Deli has a decent chicken soup.

        I know you've been having Thai soups, but my medicine for cold is the Krua Thai seafood soup.

        1. I wonder if the Coral Cafe might have a soup that would be good for what ails you?

          3321 W Burbank Blvd
          Burbank, CA 91505
          (818) 566-9725

          1. While Jerry's Deli may be too far, their mozza ball soup is probably the best thing on that long menu. Likewise Art's if you prefer.
            Whole Foods at Coldwater/Riverside has those previously mentioned soups at the elbow where the meat counter makes its sharp turn toward the back of the store. Get in early enough, either pre-lunch or pre-dinner so the traffic will not be tooooo bad.