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Seasoning for Lamp Chops

Can anyone recommend some seasonings for lamb chops? I'm not too crazy about cumin or mint. I tried just using rosemary and really loved it. But was looking for new ideas or new spices to use on lamb chops.

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  1. if you buy a rack from the butcher case, here's a standard:

    --have the butcher french the bones for you
    --brown the fatty side of the rack on the stove, kiss the sides
    --in the food processor: breadcrumbs, rosemary, parsley, garlic, TB of olive oil (you can play here- black olives? dried chipolte? lemon zest?)
    --coat the fatty side of the rack in a thin layer of good mustard
    --cover the mustard in the breadcrumbs
    --finish in the oven

    1. Get a bag put in curry powder shake and fry in olive oil.

      1. i like lamb chops seasoned with lemon pepper and garlic salt then seared in oil with a couple of pieces of ginger.

        1. With any cut of lamb I usually poke holes in the meat dip it in cream sherry or whiskey, then I sprinkle on salt, pepper, ginger powder and real cinnamon. I press the powder/s into the meat, wait an hour or two then cast iron fry it. If it's a whole or something that'll be roasted I'll pour some peanut oil on to coat an hour or so before I roast.

          1. In the middle east, it's common to season with salt, garlic and cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg. Then grill, etc. however you please.

            1. Garlic and rosemary are the classic flavorings for lamb, though personally I prefer just simple kosher salt and pepper, if the lamb is of high enough quality, like fresh from New Zealand. Lets the natural flavor shine through!

              1. Don't have it nearby, but the Union Square Cafe cookbook has a wonderful recipe for lamb chops, involving balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, and fresh basil....I've used it with great pleasure.

                1. Thank you so much for all the ideas and suggestions from everyone. Really appreciate it.

                  But I have a question for julietg: when I put it in the oven, what temperature should I use?? and for how long??

                  And another question for bigmackdaddy: what is "cream sherry"?? Is it similar to the sherry wine??

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                      Thanks julietg, that's an excellent guide. I've already bookmarked it for future reference...

                  1. I like marinating the chops in a mix of olive oil, minced or pressed garlic, finely chopped rosemary, kosher salt, worcesterhsire sauce, balsamic, and red chili flakes. I poke holes in the meat with a fork, then let 'em sit in the marinade for an hour or so. Sometimes I'll do a paprika & oregano based marinade instead, or one with Penzey's northwoods fire spice mix. Another thing I've really come to like is Penzey's Balti spice mix (Indian influenced) sprinkled on lamb chops, then seared in a screaming hot pan, and served with south Indian side dishes.

                    1. Here are a few that I use a lot:

                      2 T honey, 2 T Dijon mustard, 1 T zinfandel (or other red wine)

                      3 T Dijon, 3 T honey, 3 t teriyaki sauce, 1 T minced garlic, 2 T apricot spread

                      1/2 cup berry jam or jelly, 2 1/2 T or more coarse grained mustard

                      2 T honey, 2 t minced fresh sage (or 1/2 t dried), 1/2 t grated orange rind, 1/4 t salt, 1/4 coarsely ground pepper--I usually thin this mixture a bit w/OJ

                      4 T light mayo, 3 T Dijon mustard, 3 t lemon juice, 1/8 t dried dillweed, 1/8 t dried tarragon

                      1/4 cup lemon juice, 2 t olive oil, 2 T grated onion, 1 t dried rosemary (crushed), 3 cloves garlic cut in half.

                      As you can probably tell, I make a lot of lamb chops (it's my son's favorite). I don't make beef that much.

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                        wow!! So many combinations!! I can't wait to try...ALL of them, as lamb is my absolute favourite as well. thank you so much!!

                      2. I think that very little is needed for good lamb.
                        If you want just do as someone recommended before me, lemon, garlic salt and pepper. Cooking is the key ingredient here, removing them when they are perfectly medium rare. Then if you want offer a creamy champagne and dijon mustard sauce. This sauce goes lovely with either couscous, rice or baby red potatoes.

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                          Just like everything else, it's a matter of preference. The same thing can be said of good quality veggies, or steak or whatever--they don't need much, but the same preparation every time gets, well, boring. So I vary it.

                          I will also say that I make something similar to the mustard/bread crumb suggestion noted above, and I think that's our new favorite.

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                            Little lamb chops are terrific fare and I love them made all different ways so true. Just don't overcook mine is all I ask....

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                              I agree. Overcooked lamb tastes like rubber!