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Jan 18, 2007 03:13 AM

Favorite Soontofu in Koreatown?

I'm sure this will inspire quite a few friendly disagreements, but I'm looking for suggestions. One member of our party is a vegetarian so I'd need a place that has a veggie only version.


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  1. Beverly Soon Tofu and Sokongdong face each other across Olympic Blvd. at New Hampshire Ave. (one block west of Vermont). Sokongdong has the raw crab panchan but Beverly is just a smidgen better.

    I'm not sure if either does a vegetarian version but tell them that your friend is Buddhist.

    1. I've been going to Beverly Soon Tofu for ages (since it was written up by Jonathan Gold 10+ years ago). It's still as good as ever. In addition to the food, I enjoy the unusual burlwood furniture in there, too.

      I'm pretty sure that the broth isn't vegetarian, but you can ask.

      1. I went to Beverly Soon Tofu a couple of weeks ago. It was very tasty; however, I felt the telltale signs of MSG afterwards. I assume that is why it was so tasty.

        In addition, if you are going there, the sign in front does not exactly say "Beverly Soon Tofu", I believe it only says "Beverly Tofu Restuarant" and the "Soon" is missing. I wasn't certain I was at the right place.

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          What's funny is I've never noticed it -- it says μˆœλ‘λΆ€ on the sign in Korean and so I always assumed the official name was "Beverly Soon Dubu" or "Beverly Soon Tofu".

        2. the BCD chain claims to have a veggie version but I don't know if the broth is vegetarian as well

          1. sokongdong for the win!