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Jan 18, 2007 03:09 AM

B-Day gathering at Trevor?

I'd like to arrange an upcoming b-day get together at Trevor Kitchen and Bar. Perhaps drinks after work and some snacks from their bar menu. After reading several positive posts from here I'd really like to try Trevor out. For those that have been, does this seem like a good idea? How much do their drinks cost on average? It'll probably be a group of 10 at the most.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea but you will have to make reservations and I would suggest the couch area beside the bar for what you describe. To be honest I have no idea how much the drinks are as I was there to eat and did not look much at the bill details but I assume they are standard for the downtown area classier places..

    1. I enjoyed my time at Trevor, but I don't think their bar area is the most inviting. As others have mentioned, it has a very low ceiling, and a slightly basement-y feel (which should perhaps not surprise given that it is in a basement).

      If entertaining there, I second calling ahead to reserve the couch/seating area in the back corner. This might make the event a little cozier.

      Menu has good options for picking and their cocktail list has some interesting choices, so don't take my opening criticism as damning, merely recognize that the space itself is not what is impressive about Trevor. If you want atmospheric "wow!" something like Doku 15 or even Pravda (both in the same 'hood) might be better.

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        I like the bar food at Trevor. I don't remember the exact prices, but the drinks seemed average for the area. I think that unless you get the couch area, it would be an uncomfortable space for 10 people.

        Regarding Pravda - I think it's a great place for drinks - also if you go there request the back separate lounge area - great space - however, I've been underwhelmed by their food.

        1. re: pescatarian

          Agreed on the food critique about Pravda... if food is first, Trevor is a better choice.

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            did you ever have the truffle pizza at Pravda? back when it was on the menu? I thought it was their best item, but it's gone now.