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Jan 18, 2007 03:05 AM

mr crepe in davis -- meh

with memories of a particularly good crepe from the Creperie on Beacon Hill we tried Mr. Crepe. First: 2 crepes = $18... ok deep breath! now the details: mine was avocado, jack, tomatoes, arugula, and an egg (yes, that was an extra $1.25) ... i was saddened to see the egg in a clump, the ingredients were sparse and it just was a sad sad crepe made with no love. I'm used to the egg being almost the same size as the crepe, nice and thin and folded together...

DC had a turkey, sundried tomatoes, red onion, goat cheese, arugula crepe and it was just so-so. His (hot) coffee was served cold and the staff was very unfamiliar with the menu -- yeah, i know they just opened...maybe it'll get better later on.

there was also a sign that restricted patrons to 20 minutes of table use if you didnt have food during busy times which is probably a good thing -- there's about 10 small-ish tables (2-tops). i gotta tell you tho, it does look great! clean and open and clean :) I wasn't a fan of the Someday space, great people but hated the space...

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  1. Let me get that straight: turkey, sundried tomato, red onion, goat cheese, AND arugula, all in a crepe? Sounds like overload to me, or more like a crepe trying to be a wrap (and why would a crepe aspire to be a wrap???). Nevertheless, a problematic concept is no excuse for poor execution, and I usually have little patience for the "just opened" excuse: if you open a restaurant, why wouldn't you train your workers before they actually start on real customers? And wasn't Mr Crepe in business before it moved to its current space? These are rhetorical questions!

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      Mr. Crepe closed in its former space in late 2004, so I'd imagine most of the workers would be new and still learning. In the old space (I haven't tried them in the new space yet), despite the number of ingredients in some of the recipes, the fillings were never in the quantities that you'd find in a wrap, so it was well-balanced with the delicacy of the crepe wrapper itself.

    2. A crepe should be simple. Butter, cinnamon, sugar. Yum~

      1. Stopped into Mr. Crepe last night in hopes of trying a gaufre, but they were all out. Ugh. So we split a nutella, banana and toasted almond crepe. The fillings were fine (really, who doesn't love nutella?), but the crepe itself was a little tough and way too thick for my taste. I wanted it to be delicate. Instead, it was industrial strength. Also, $6. I wonder how expensive a lemon & sugar crepe from them would be?

        1. One day walking by, I stopped in to get a cup of coffee and check out the menu. Coffee was fine, the menu looked ok (they do also do very simple crepes for whoever mentioned it) but I thought prices were ridiculous. Even the most basic crepes (which are pretty much flour and water) were almost $5, and anything substantial was up closer to $7-8. Thats just silly for a little bit of mushrooms, cheese, and onions wrapped up in a pancake.

          I'll stop in sometime and eat, perhaps, but with all the complaints about service and the prices for what they offer it's not likely to be anytime soon.

          Too bad, a good affordable crepe spot is just what Davis (or most anywhere) needs.

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          1. re: andytee

            what is it about griping about a restaurant that sometimes makes you want to eat there? today i was in davis and wanted to sit and have a coffee and feeling a bit peckish so i stopped in to try mr. crepe.

            wasn't expecting much, thankfully. coffee (roasted by the wonderful rao's in western mass) was good. the crepe was overcooked and dry, and lacked in flavor. it felt like it was both a mediocre batter and not cooked well. fillings were all right, but lacking in attention to detail. my crepe had mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes, and jack cheese. that and a medium coffee set me back $8.03. the crepe was understuffed, overcooked, and the stuff in it was mediocre. nothing about it was really wrong, but, as the original poster said - meh.

            for the prices they charge (with so-called "supercrepes" running $8.75) meh just doesnt cut it.

            much complained about service was ok, not terrible. i didn't have to wait in line, and the guy taking my order was neither rude nor helpful. he gave my my coffee, another woman brought out the crepe. she looked at me sideways, said "you andy?" and plunked it down with little grace and no ceremony. i don't expect much in the way or gracious service at a place like this, but at least a smile, if not a "here you go" or "enjoy your meal" would have been appropriate.

            anyhow, yes, meh it is.

          2. Oh, that's terribly wrong - slathering all those ingredients onto something that is by definition "a thin, light, delicate pancake."

            At the old Mr. Crepe, unless the eponymous man was there, the other crepe makers always overcooked the crepes.

            The little Creperie outside Harvard Square has always done it right - are they still around?

            The high prices of Mr. Crepe seem to suggest that it is not long for that location - I predict it will become a Peet's by 2008.

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            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              "A Peet's by 2008. "

              From your lips to God's ears.