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Jan 18, 2007 02:58 AM


Due to a recent CH discussion on Total yogurt and honey, I've been inspired to start exploring different types of honey. However, I don't use it very frequently, so I'm looking for different ways to consume it. Besides drizzling it on yogurt, or adding it to tea, what do you do with honey? TIA for your answers.

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  1. I don't do much with it, but I like to toast some challah, butter it lightly and drizzle it with honey. Honey works nicely with peanut butter on toast, too.

    1. I sometimes add honey to cakes for some extra moistness.
      Also, I combine honey, orange juice, and soy sauce (or teriaki if you have it) for a really good marinade for chicken - I let it sit in the fridge from 30 min to 2 hours, and then I grill it up - sweet and tangy. It also works well with shrimp and salmon too.

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        Curry and/or mustard added to the honey/OJ/soy sauce/teryaki combo is good, too. I often mix up a batch & keep it in the fridge for a quick marinade.

      2. Make Baklava. I made it this fall and at Christmasa with Sourwood Honey. People thought that was the best thing they ever put in their mouths. Sourwood is really special and it really was stellar in a Baklava made with it and toasted pecans.

        1. Honey is a good idea in numerous places where one is looking for a sweet balance - sweet and spicy roasted nuts, salad dressings, dips, it's good as a counter balance to extra salty cheese too - a little bit of blue cheese on a crisp/cracker/toasted bread, etc. drizzled with honey - yum!

          1. I mostly use honey as a cold remedy in steamed milk: steam a glass of milk add 2 tsps. of honey. Yum. I'm a compulsory buyer of good interesting honeys - which I just forget to eat and it piles up in my pantry. I have this Scottish honey with Scotch - delicious. I guess you can make one yourself by adding a liquor of your choice into honey.

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              I'm getting to that point welle. My mom brought me some fancy schmancy french honeys and I have my own collection going. I need to pick up some good tupelo though, my list is growing smaller as I've stopped buying. I've got cranberry, acacia, lavender, and gennet (broom). Took us a while to figure out what that last one is.

              I'll just take a spoonful of honey out of the jar from time to time, especially as an aid to a sore throat.

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                Or the best ever cough medicine: honey, lemon juice, brandy and hot water (all ingredients to taste).

                Honey doesn't go bad, so you'll use it up eventually.

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                  Wouldn't the vitamin c be wasted? I'm pretty sure vitamin c is photo- and heat-sensitive

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                    Vitamin C is heat sensitive, but I don't know to what degree. Actually, it's the acid that helps thin some of the secretions.