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Jan 18, 2007 02:09 AM

Sushi Masa in Burlington ok?


Has anyone got an opinion on Sushi Masa in Burlington? Or any decent Sushi in the Burlington or west of that area? I'm meeting with a friend taking a class at the Sun Campus and we're looking for Sushi. I know the places in the Worcester area, which ain't a help.

A bit of googling and searching ChowHound has helped narrow down my choices.

Also, any comments on Tobiko Japanese Fusion in Acton?


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  1. Go to Ginger in Bedford, easy to get to from Sun.

    1. Very close to Sun, at the intersection of Rt 62, is Bamboo, with full-service sushi, and a full Japanese and Chinese menu as well.

      1. Sushi Masa is long gone, replaced most recently by Lester's BBQ. If you have a particularily generous lunch hour, you could go down Route 128 to Wakefield to Sushi Island.

        1. I agree with Peregrine, Bamboo on the Bedford/Burlington line has a fantastic Sushi bar, as well as great Japanese and Chinese fare. If you go at lunch, they have a wonderful asian buffet for about 12 bucks, worth every penny.

          1. Burlington has a nice little place - Lemon Tree - pretty good. I"ve heard good things about Tobiko in Acton.