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Jan 18, 2007 02:02 AM

Has anyone tried 8'O Clock coffee and how is it?

Has anyone tried 8'O Clock coffee and how is it?Ive heard its really good and was just wondering what others thought.

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  1. It's okay. Not too bad for no more than it costs.

    The French Roast isn't real good.

    1. It's ok. It's the kind that you buy when you don't want to spend $7-12 per lb for the good stuff. It's $3.99 here in FL. Of course, it's much better than pre-ground crap that they sell for cheaper and pass off as coffee. But, as a 'hound, you will in no way call it great.

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      1. re: amyvc

        Is it better than the horrendous Cafe Bustelo that my husband insisted on buying recently? Man, was that rank.

        1. re: Atomica

          Cafe Busteo isn't all that bad if your going to use if for Cafe Cubano. It's ground for use in making Cafe Cubano and needs to brewed in an espresso machine.

          I buy Eight O'Clock Columbian and grind it fresh. It's just fine for caffeine swilling. If you go to their web site, you can download a couple of coupons for $2.00 off. Combine that with the sale price and you can get a bag for like almost nothing.

          1. re: bkhuna

            I don't drink coffee daily anymore, but I have always bought Busteo, Eight O'Clock, or Chock Full O' Nuts. Chock is, by far, my favorite. Remember that it's all in how you brew it and what your taste is.

      2. I drink it daily. I used to shell out the bucks for good coffee, but finally realised that I was spending far more than I should, given my budget at the time. So I switched to 8 O'Clock dark roast. It was really pretty darned good. Unfortunately, I cannot find the dark roast anywhere where I currently live, so I now drink either Colombian or regular, both of which are just "fine". If you can find dark roast, but it. Everything else is just so-so. Oh, and the french roast is really pretty bad.

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        1. re: hilltowner

          I see it's on Amazon for $5.99 for a 12-oz bag. That doesn't seem a lot cheaper than better stuff. I regularly see beans on sale in grocery stores for $4.99, $5.99, and $6.99 per pound. Enlighten me.

          1. re: Atomica

            You have to buy it in the grocery store on sale (which is every other week) not online. Then it costs about $3 lb.

            1. re: coll

              Thanks for replying. I really was curious.

              1. re: Atomica

                It's on sale as often as not, either half price or 2 for the price of one. I don't think I've ever paid full price; if it's not on sale, just wait a week or two.

        2. Yes, it's definitely drinkable. It's just not "really good."

          1. Eight O'clock Coffee is great if you get the beans and grind at home although the grinding machine at A&P where this brand orginated is heavenly.

            The coffee is at good as it gets for a store bought coffee.

            Great in the perk....old school

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            1. re: namreb

              I love perked coffee,great stuff.I dont know why they can't make regular coffee makers heat the water up hotter,probably afraid the plastic will melt lol.

              Just found this recipe sounds pretty good never thought of using a microwave to make coffee before,thought I'd share.

              1. Avoid heating the coffee for too long. Coffee is best if not heated over 170 degrees F. Otherwise acids form which are (1) distasteful (2) bad for the teeth and (3) bad for the stomach.
              2. Procure a large Pyrex(TM) measuring cup and a cooking thermometer.
              3. Place the desired amount of water in the Pyrex cup for testing. Place the Pyrex cup of cold water in the microwave and run for various times. Quickly remove the Pyrex cup of now-heated water and measure the temperature. Find the correct cooking time to achieve 170 degrees F. but not higher.
              4. Always use freshly ground coffee. It tastes much better. (This is the secret of all restaurant coffee.) You may grind your own coffee at the grocery.
              5. Place a large coffee filter in a Pyrex measuring cup.
              6. Place the desired amount of freshly-ground coffee in the coffee filter and the measuring cup. Add the previously measured amount of water for 170 degrees.
              7. Heat the coffee and water in the microwave for the proper time for 170 degrees. The coffee may be steeped for 5 minutes to increase brewing.
              8. Pour brewed coffee from Pyrex cup into a coffee-filter holder on top of a coffee cup.
              9. Remove coffee grounds using the filter in the Pyrex cup and discard.

              1. re: billjriv

                I missed this post first time around.

                The proper brewing temperature for drip, as created by Ted Lingle and the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), is 200F. There are only a couple of machines that have been certified by the SCAA as being able to brew a proper cup. Probably the most notable of these is the Technivorm Moccamaster, which, in addition to delivering 200F water to the grounds, features a stainless steel thermos carafe that does NOT sit on a heating element.

                Keep in mind that even when brewed at the proper temp, brewed coffee flavor and quality diminishes rapidly. Top shops routinely toss their drip within 20-30 minutes after brewing, 60 minutes on the outside. For maintaining optimum flavor, consumers are advised to go the thermos route instead of a pyrex pot sitting on a heating element.

                1. re: billjriv

                  I do a very similar thing with the Large Melitta Portable Coffee Maker.

                  I simply PLUG THE HOLE from underneath...........You can find many ideas to temporarily :PLUG THE HOLE.

                  1. Plug the bottom of the basket
                  2. Insert you large filter
                  3. Add your Coffee grounds (Freshly ground if possible)
                  4. Boil your filtered water in a pyrex measuring cup.
                  5.Let the water sit just long enough so that it's no longer boiling....Just under 200 degrees
                  6.Pour your water into the basket which is sitting on top of the carafe
                  7.Let it STEEP for approx. 5 minutes...........Or less if you prefer.
                  8.Lift the basket by the handle and carefully pull the plug and let the coffee drain.

                  That's it.........Simple........Combination of Drip Coffee and French Press Coffee.

                  I enlarged the drain hole so that after it steeps for 5 minutes, I can quickly drain the basket just to more easily regulate the brewing time.
                  It's not necessary though.

                  Also, if I wish to make a larger amount of coffee than the amount of water that will fit in the basket....................I'll use the same instructions mention up above............The only difference is that once I drain the brewed coffee, I'll pour the remaining water into the basket, going around the sides of the filter to get all of the grounds off of the side of the filter.

                  The only difference is that I may shorten the STEEPING time since the additional water will still count as Brewing time.

                  It's actually quite good and easy this way.

                  If you wish to use more Coffee and water for a larger yeild.......................

                  1. re: billjriv

                    170 is nowhere near hot enough for a decent cup of coffee. Anything under 190 is garbage.

                  2. re: namreb

                    At the moment I'm only drinking 8 O'Clock, I like the Boka blend, it's a little milder than the others, otherwise I get the red original. It goes for $6.99 for a 2 lb bag which is great as I'm watching my budget. I get the whole beans and grind some every morning, just like my grandmother used to do. It tastes better than most generic deli coffee that I've had.

                    1. re: coll

                      I also buy the 8 o'clock Boka blend beans (brown bag). For a large crowd/party freshly ground Boka beans are fine and a good value.

                      I don't let anyone grind beans for me anymore. It's simple to do at home and you have a better shot at good results per pot. A whole lb of ground coffee loses that "oh my" too fast.

                    2. re: namreb

                      It may be great in the perk. I wouldn't know. However, I always grind my beans at home and 8 o'clock is never great. It's drinkable and ok, but in no way could it ever be called great. Sorry, but there's better coffee out there. The $3 spent on "better" coffee at the supermarket gets you better coffee. Although I agree with the bottom ranking of starbucks too. Just not that big a fan of their regular coffee...

                      1. re: namreb

                        My opinion exactly:"good as it gets for a store bought coffee".

                        I'm interested to hear there's both a Dark Roast and a French Roast, right? I've never seen the Dark Roast: just reg., Columbian, French.

                        How does it differ from the French Roast?