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Jan 18, 2007 01:56 AM

Wines Store in Des Moines?

San Diego Chowhound will be in Des Moines next week. I need help. I'm looking for a store in Des Moines with a large selection of Iowa wines. I can get all the Calif., French and Aussie stuff here in Southern California. I'm looking for Iowa products on this trip. Suggestions on stores anyone?

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  1. Oh, man that is a tough one. None of the wine stores have really embraced Iowa wine the way they should. Part of the reason is a lot of it wasn't very good very a while until the grapes matured. (Apparently it takes three to five years). We have lots of wineries in Iowa now. There's a discussion about wine on the message board in my website, which might provide some guidance. Also, this link will take you to a comprehensive list of Iowa wineries. Maybe one of them will have an idea for you:

    Good luck and let me know how it works out.

    1. Ingersoll Wine and Spirits has a selection of wines from Tabor, Jasper, and Summerset wineries. Corner of 35th and Ingersoll. I'll keep checking for others.

      1. If you are downtown you might check out Northland General Store. Kind of a flea market of Iowa goods. I know they have a couple of winery offerings there. Also a dog bakery if you have a pooch waiting for a present. A pretty neat place to just look around.
        621 E. Des Moines St.

        1. Which of those three wines do you favor, Bob?

          1. I have only sampled a couple of the Summerset wines. I was not terribly impressed.
            I would think that coming from California, it would be hard to find a local wine that would impress. I openly acknowledge I could be wrong. I hope the original poster will let us know what he tries, and what he thinks of them.