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Thor: Worth the trip?

Made a reservation for later this month (Australia Day). I don't think it is, but tell me it is not staid! And, tell me that the food is good.

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  1. Sorry, it s---s. At least you have time to change your mind.

    1. very mixed to negative views on Thor on the site. If you are looking for Austrian (not Australian) or Eastern European food, try Blaue Gans, Wallse, Silver Swan to name a few.

      1. The chef, menu, and concept have completely changed recently. No longer Austrian: http://www.hotelonrivington.com/thor....
        Dbird, I'm not sure if your comments apply to the current or past incarnation. I haven't been to the new one.

        1. Hmmm. Are any of Stanton Social, Mai House, or Tia Pol any better? What about Urena - doubt if I'll get a reservation though.

          1. ..Mai House is a really nice huge space and food is pretty decent (Vietnamese fusion) and they also serve good cocktails with a huge bar area up-front. I doubt that you'll have a problem getting a table there too...just avoid the vietnamese coffee at all cost.

            1. tia pol is very good. as far as i know, you can't make reservations for parties of less than five, or something like that. but along with las ramblas, it's my favorite spanish tapas bar in the city.

              1. Was Thor's kitchen formerly run by Kurt Gunterbruner (sp?) of Wallsé and Cafe Sabarsky (two places I'm rather fond of)?

                If so, how was the food before he left?

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                  Yes, it was. You can search for past reviews on this thread. The atmosphere sucked--lots of Meatpacking transplants, long waits w/reservations, harried service--but I really enjoyed the food (you can probably find my old reviews through the search function).

                  1. re: Lucia

                    Lucia, my 2 dinners with Thor were indeed with Gutenbrenner. The first time, the food was just good enough to make me want to return despite the other deficits which you note; the second time the balance tipped hard the other direction. Is there any reason to think the place has improved? Also, I made the possible mistake of choosing Thor for my first exposure to a Gutenbrenner kitchen and have shied away from Wallse, Blau Gans etc as a partial result, although the reports are pretty unanimously positive about these places and perhaps I should just discount Thor.

                    1. re: dbird

                      There is a new chef and a new menu direction towards more accessible food at Thor now. I think Chef Gutenbrunner is great, so I have no reason to believe that the food at Thor has improved in his absence. I agree with you that on my second trip to Thor, the food (at least at the higher prices) wasn't quite as good as on my first. I'm personally a fan of Austrian food. If you are, I'd definitely give Blaue Gans a try. I've had a number of very good meals there. You might also want to try Cafe Sabarsky, at least for the pastries. My one and only visit to Wallse was a little underwhelming, but I think it was my mistake in trying the tasting menu.

                2. dbird...you should definitely check-out the other KG kitchens...maybe start with Blaue Gans as it is the more casual of the two and would be a less expensive mistake just in case you end up not liking it as well. i've been to thor when it just opened --and KG was there too that night --i still thought it was a bit of a departure from the regular KG style...but, i guess it had more to do with paring it with the rivington hotel's over-all image...thor i think will survive more as a lounge bar more than anything else as it is centrally located in the most buzzling stretch of the LES.

                  1. The food is not good.

                    1. Phew. Finally managed to figure out the new look! OK, so dumped Thor. Will probably go to a neighborhood restaurant, Aloutte perhaps. Thanks all.