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i'm moving to yonge and davisville. any great suggestions for everything from cheap eats to fnacy shmancy? yonge - st.clair and yonge - eglinton suggestios would be great too.


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  1. There are lots of great restaurants in your new 'hood - heading north, you have Tabule (casual Middle Eastern, good value, great food) and Zucca (lovely understated Italian). I've also heard good things about Jaipur Grille and Quince, though I've yet to try either. I had one very good and one so-so meal at Mirabelle - not sure how it is these days. Five Doors North, a casual Italian spot with small plates can be fun as well. North of Eglinton, Cha Liu's okay for midtown dim sum and I've been surprised with the quality of food at La Vecchia (great Caesar salad and some nice pastas). Heading south of St. Clair, there's Terroni for fab thin crust pizzas and great salads in an always buzzing atmosphere and Abbott on the Hill is a solid resto-pub with a very friendly atmosphere. There are lots of fans on this board for the sandwiches at Boccone, though I've yet to try it. Further south, between Summerhill and Rosedale, there's Pastis (French bistro), Rebel House (great gastro pub) and Black Camel for great (though not cheap) sandwiches and coffee. Enjoy!!

    1. Five Doors North offers main courses without sides, which have to be ordered a la carte. It's fun sharing apps, which are the only "small plates" I noticed. Be warned that it's extremely casual - the server dripped wine all over when pouring a $37 bottle of Mara Ripasso into our tumblers.

      Delicious grilled quail ($6.95) and special-of-the-day beef brisket ravioli ($6.95) were excellent starters. Cold beet salad ($5.95) was much less exciting.

      Avoid the awful BBQ ribs ($16.95)- don't even ask me why I would order such a travesty at an "Italian" place, but the server had said it was one of their top dishes. Manzo beef ($11.95) was the highlight but definitely required ordering a side -- grilled rapini ($4.95). Simple gnocchi ($10.95) was decent enough.

      Three of us ate well for $115 plus tip. The only really annoying part was the periodic ringing of an old-school telephone above our heads.

      Cava, near St. Clair, is a slightly more expensive choice but well worth trying, though the service was very poor the last time I went just before Christmas.

      Make the short trek over to Jules on Mount Pleasant and even further to Rahier on Bayview for some excellent croissants. The regular croissant at Rahier is better, and the almond croissant (not the twice-baked kind) at Jules is better. (Comptoir de Celestin and Patisserie La Cigogne are both closed temporarily). Avoid the croissants at Patachou at Yonge/Summerhill (however, their freshly-squeezed cranberry juice is divine!)

      There are lots more treats awaiting you on Mount Pleasant and Bayview (Leaside area), such as Hollywood Gelato. Search the board for these street names.

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        I love the foccacia bread at Five Doors North especially with their mussels with white wine, black beans & cilantro. That's a meal in itself ;-)

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          The oil and vinegar on the table also provided a particularly yummy dip for the bread! (I even ate two slices though I normally try not to fill up on bread!)

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          I think the Comptoir de Celestin should be open again now (they were on holiday until today I think). I like all of Jules, Comptoir, Rahier & Cigogne for French pastries, sandwiches, baguettes. Each is different and lovely in its own way, my personal overall favourite is probably Jules because it is so good and the owners are just so nice.

          Do try the Mt. Pleasant & Bayview Strip and search those threads. Bayview (other than JOV Bistro which is fine dining) tends to be more casual dining than Mt. Pleasant.

        3. Right at Davisville and Yonge is the pub Bow & Arrow. It's got a little better than normal pub food and a good beer list. I'll second the Rebel House recommendation for good beer and better than normal pub food. If you wander over to Mt. Pleasant & Eglinton there's a brewpub called Granite. The beer styles tend toward English. The food is better than B&A but less than RH. You can purchase beer from their store too.

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            I know your post was January '07, but I have been a regular patron of the Bow, a former meeting spot for me and my bff for about the last 3 years and I am sad to report, since late fall of '07, I can only conclude there has been some major change in the kitchen staff, that could explain four consecutive visits where at least one entre was so under par that it had to be sent back. We will check back at least for pints and the great little front and back patios this summer of '08, and see if there has been any change.

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              I was at the Bow tonight and wasn't impressed. Definitely a great beer list although they ran out of some of the featured beers and it was still early in the evening. The food was just all right, I liked the fries and the peameal bacon on my sandwich but the kaiser was too soft and doughy.

              I didn't have a taste of the blackened bison burger but two of the people at our table liked it and one didn't. They wondered why it didn't have a more Cajuny spicey flavour if it was supposed to be "blackened."

              The bison chili turned out to be pretty spicey and even though he was warned, one diner found it too hot for his taste (even though he liked it at first).

              The service was warm and friendly but so relaxed, we were neglected for long periods of time even when it wasn't busy.

              The little patio at the back looked inviting in the sun but was too smokey from cigarette users. The little patio at the front is okay if you don't mind sitting in front of Yonge Street traffic. The whole place has a shabbiness to it from dirty worn carpeting to dingy windows to not-so-well-cleaned tables.

              I wouldn't go out of my way to go back. Clearly though the Bow has a loyal following with a number of obvious regulars there.

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                Well, looks like the slow slide ended up in a bad way. I noticed last week that there was a "For Lease" sign in the window of the Bow & Arrow. Too bad, I hope someone takes over and does it justice, it's a great space. Any takers?

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                  Well someone heard your question sgogo. The Bow and Arrow has re-opened as the Twisted Kilt. They have done some renovations to the premises and the new owner (former Pat & Mario's Manager) is very hands on and is a stickler for quality food (huge portions, and some interesting selections) and prompt service. The still have the unusual beer selections many of which are unavailable (they need to update their beer menu), and a cute patio out back that gets the afternoon sun. One note is that all of this comes at higher prices for both food and beverages compared to other establishments in the neighbourhood, but all in all I would give the "old Bow" new "Kilt" a second chance.

                  Pat & Mario's
                  1463 Lasalle Blvd, Sudbury, ON P3A1Z8, CA

                  Twisted Kilt
                  1954 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

          2. Second Cava for higher-end meals- really great food and I've only had excellent service in the past six months. Quince, Zucca and Tabule, already mentioned, are also great food and consistent (zucca a little pricier...tabule lower-end price). Tabule will do falafel to go- which is good to know.

            1. We stumbled accross this restaurant--I reccommend the Homeway for brunch.It is slightly north of Eglinton, on Mt.Pleasant It's good,fresh, nicely presented food...their lunch and dinner menu look decent too. Reasonably priced and comfortable. I loved the eggs benedict--the first decent Hollandaise I've had in TO.

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                I too recommend the Homeway. It has definitely evolved from a sow's ear to a silk purse!! (on a relative scale) In case people did not know the Homeway has undergone considerable interior renovations catupolting (I'm sure that's spelled wrong) from a once dingy diner, into a really quaint little spot for any casual breakfast, brunch, or lunch. I haven't checked, but would also think their dinners would be a refreshing change from some of the main stream pub or franchise food offered on Eglinton.

              2. Alize - Yonge and Erskine
                Lolo - Mt. Pleasant and Manor Rd.
                Pallucci - Mt. Pleasant and Belsize Dr.

                1. You know, that neighborhood really has it all for food.

                  I feel blessed to live nearby..

                  1. I agree that Tabule has great food for a good price. As for Jaipur Grille, I have been twice and both times have been underwhelmed by the food. For indian I would send you to Kama Sutra on Bayview Ave. just north of Davisville. As you head down to St. Clair you can try Sprout (on St. Clair just west of Yonge) for great vietnamese/asian but they close early - better for lunch maybe. There is a new asian place about to open on Yonge called Mint - stay tuned...

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                      Different tastes for different folks, I guess. But strangely I have mixed reactions to these suggestions.
                      On Indian I don't like Jaipur Grille - just ho-hum. But I disliked Kama Sutra even more! It reminds me of 'English' Indian food - just hot, no flavours. All ambiance but indifferent service. Unfortunately my recommendation in the area (OK just outside the area) is Tabla - unfortunately because it's the most expensive. It's at Yonge & Blythwood. There the flavours are layered and the spicing is complex. For example the Vindaloo is sweeter than most I've had - the flavours appear then are slowly overtaken by the heat which seems to follow. The Xacutti Curries are all texture - milder and complex with pieces of real coconut (not shredded or candied) that serve to 'pop' the taste. they also have a "Naanini" (a spin on Panini) made with Naan bread and stuffed with lamb, served with a chutney that includes chunks of mango - not just a mango sauce.
                      Tabule is fine - except evertything there tastes similar to me (but I find that with many Middle-Eastern cuisines).
                      Sprout is one of my favourites - but does close at 7:30. Typically you'll find me there around 7:00 for a light evening meal at a great price.
                      And I'll add one more favourite: Cafe Pleiades on Mt Pleasant (next to the Regent Theatre) - a neighbourhood Bistro which has been there forever and has great food at fair prices.

                    2. Pi-Tom has great, authentic thai food. Two of my favourites are the basil duck, pumpkin soup