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Jan 18, 2007 01:24 AM

Westbury LI woes...where to eat these days????

Okay, I am so sick of being stuck eating at Panera when I've finished shopping..where else is there besides Thomas's diner..which I do like for breakfast stuff......Please don't tell me PF Chang's, Cheesecake Factory, or Calif Pizza Kitchen...Need inexpensive place that is toddler friendly.........Please help!!!

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  1. Cozymel's at the Raceway section is not too expensive and baby friendly, usually no wait also. There's also Macaroni Grill in the same lot which has reasonable prices and good for kids. Chili's is not as cheap as everyone thinks it is and horrible service, definite No No. Famous Daves BBQ is also another restaurant in that area that caters to families. Ayhan's Mediterranean has a good Sunday Brunch buffet for $14.95.

    If you want somewhere to sit, Target has a good seating area in the front with Starbucks and a fast food stand with hot dogs, popcorn for pretty cheap. Also a small cafe at the Home Depot Expo.

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      Most of the restaurants in the immediate Westbury shopping area are chains like it or not. And some chains are very independently operated, so stop knocking all chain restaurants. Cozymel's is pretty good Californian Mexican food and everything is fresh made, this is their only NY spot and they only have 12 spots nationwide so it's not that big. Ayhan's only has 5 locations on LI and is priced about the same as the Meditterrean Kebab House and closer to the shopping area. Famous Daves isn't that good, it's just a good family place.

      Some of the "close by" places listed below can take 15-30 mins to get to on the weekends with all the extra traffic and are not in Westbury. Also some of the restaurants listed below aren't rowdy toddler friendly and inexpensive. At least get your recommendations right before you go commenting on others. And yes, I have eaten at most of the places listed below. BTW, The Orient kicks Fortune Wheel's butt any day of the week.

    2. Why does everyone recommend chains? Folks, this is why good L.I. restaurants have a very hard time staying in business. Try something new, it won't kill you! I could see if there were no other options, but there are...give the little guy your business, it'll do you heart and your tummy good.

      Three close-by can't miss spots

      Mediterranean Kebab House-Post Ave. in Westbury across the street from Benny's. VERY GOOD and the price is right. Great salads.

      Pollo el Paisa--Old Country Road, about 1 mile east of Holy Rood on the same side, stand alone building, looks like it was a diner at one time. Good colombian, chicken, plantains, etc. very casual. Great sangria.

      Shogi-Japanese-Old Country Road 1/4 mile east of Hold Rood, on the other side of the road, in the CVS/Joanne's Crafts shopping center (across the street from Waldbaums.)
      Pretty basic Jap, but very fresh, Yuko the owner is a great gal and it's very child friendly. Everyone there is pretty much a "regular". Nothing in the way of ambience, be warned.

      Report back!

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        Pollos el Paisa used to be LIsa's II Diner until the owner won the lottery and sold it. Must have item there is the chimi churri sauce(green sauce), best condiment ever. Goes with all meats. Mountain Platter, best of everything dish is awesome. Avoid the paella, it's MSG overload.

        The lady at Shogi is very nice, used to come by our store a lot and that place has been opened forever.

      2. L.L.Dent serves terrific soul food and southern food, it is just west of the Meadowbrook on old country road in a strip mall.Theyare open for lunch dinner and sunday brunch. There is also a Patsy's coal oven pizza joint further west near the courthouses.

        1. How about Cafe Baci, on the SW corner of Old Country Road and Post Avenue? This is my kids' (age 7) favorite restaurant and has been for years. The salads and pastas are great (I never make it to the main course) and they'll melt mozzarella cheese on anything if you ask. The only drawback is that it gets very crowded, so you usually need to go by 5 on the weekends. On the other hand, since you're going with a toddler (who they'll also give a balloon to), you're probably used to eating what feels like a late lunch rather than a normal dinner.

          1. I agree with JGS about local vs. chains

            Other ideas:

            The Filipino place was still serving food the last time I looked (about six months ago?). Its off of Post ave between the old movie theatrer and nthe GCP. It's in a small strip mall thats perpendicular to Post.

            Even tho it's part of a small chain, We like the hamburgers at Majors steakhouse on E. Meadow Ave. in E. Meadow.

            Also, Check out Spice N Curry on Hempstead Tpk across from the medical center

            For inexpensive Rotisserie Chicken deal check out Chuuasqueira Rodizio at 144 Jericho Tpk in mineola A whole bird with sides (Batata fries); forget the rice

            For Chinese; The Orient Restaurant in Bethpage on B'way (tel 822-5610) has by far the best Chinese food east of Flushing; lots of extended Chinese families...a good sign

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              along with the Orient I would also try Fortune Wheel in Levittown. If possible could you tell me the name of the Filipino place. Would love to give it a try. See how it stacks up to my Woodside favs. Thanks.

              1. re: MKS

                I had to pull this out from my files....It was from a 1998 NY times review. I called and they're still in business and open every nite until 8pm. The name is Guiradelco Filipino Rest and Gourmet Food Shop. It's basically a grocery store and small eating area for hot foods. We've only tried it sporatically but the food's been always good and interesting. The address is 324 Post Ave. (333-9898)

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                  Thanks toby1355. Will check it out.