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Jan 18, 2007 01:16 AM

Best slice in Queens can be found at Caruana's aka Joey's on 69st & Grand Ave in Maspeth

This place had been around forever and is a slept on gem. They have the only sesame slice that I know of and tates like great Italian bread with cheese and sauce. Their pan pizzas aka mini pies are outstanding and always deliver. Caruana is an old man and has retired and sold the place to Joey one of his long time pizza makers, hence the name Joey's. Caruana is also responsible for another outstanding pizzeria in Carlo's on Metropolitan Ave and 73st. His sons run the place and it has been around for 40 years. Let me add that Caruana has a great sicilian as well. I have been eating there for a while and the place has always stayed the same. The decor is wretched but don't let that stop you. Try a sesame slice, mini pie, and sicilian.

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  1. Joey's is OK, but I really prefer Rosa's across 69th St. Great sicilians, including a grandma pizza and the killer sfigione.

    1. Carlo's make an all right square. Try Phillies on Eliot Ave

      1. make your own english muffin pizza it beats them all!

        1. Silver funny but try the mini pie and you will be converted.