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Jan 18, 2007 01:10 AM

Casino Buffets in the PNW

What are the casino buffets like in this area? Are they cheap? Do they compare with Reno or Vegas?

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  1. I've been to two here - the one at Chinook Winds and the one at Spirit Mountain. CW sucked for the dinner buffet I had there. I have had both the brunch and dinner buffet at Spirit Mountain. They didn't suck, but they were not as good as any of the buffets I have eaten at in Vegas (or the one at Mohegan Sun in CT).

    I am not a huge buffet fan, but there's not a lot else around Spirit Mountain. Near Chinook Winds (a casino I can't stand anyway) you are better off eating at Blackfish Cafe or Wildflower Grill in Lincoln City, or even the Otis Cafe in Otis (which isn't really such a huge ways away from Spirit Mountain either, actually).

    1. Unfortunately the PacNW casino atmosphere doesn’t really hold a candle to the experience you'd get in Reno/Tahoe or Vegas(this includes their buffets). So if you go into it with that in mind it can be a good time. The only one I can recommend is the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort on the Kitsap Penn. between Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo (just across the agate pass bridge).

      Normally I’m not a casino/buffet person but the parents dwell on that side and they're getting to that age where it’s the ideal choice. The menu offers a fairly good selection of the usual suspects (B&G, ham, prime rib, salmon, home fries, eggs, crepes, p-cakes, desserts, etc.) and the service is consistent, attentive and friendly. The prices aren’t over the top considering you are at a casino where they often get you coming and going (under $15 for Sunday brunch). They also offer different themed buffets each day of the week so check before you go.

      The best part (and mainly why I recommend it) is many of the tables have pretty decent views of the sound, and you can walk off all that food on their recently renovated expansive grounds instead of losing $$ on the tables inside (check out the gardens/zero entry pool/patio area with beach access):

      Good luck!

      1. I've been to Vegas and must admit that I like going to Vegas buffets- they are fun and where else can you indulge without guilt? So I am always on the lookout for similiar here. id reccomend The Mill's seafood buffet- went on a trip last summer to Oregon and it was excellent. i may have been there on a particularily good night but the quality of the food and selection was better than when I went to Vegas a onth later. Thats the only one Ive been to in Oregon. in Washington the Tulalip casino is as Vegas as you can get in Pac. NW. the buffet is decent with a counter where they hand scoop ice cream and huge area- it was also good. Farther North the Skagit casino has a really good buffet that is small but decent as well. if you ever venture into BC the Riverrock casino in Richmond is new, has a view of the water, good food (12.95 lunch, around 18 for dinner i think) and smoke free!

        Hope this helps,

        1. I would not make a point of going to the Clearwater Casino just for the food - it's reminiscent of a high school cafeteria to me. Most folks are cashing in comp points, so don't really care.

          1. the buffet at the quinalt casino in ocean shores is the best in washington. especially on seafood night. (fri?) i also enjoy the one in marysville at the tulalip casino.