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Jan 18, 2007 12:56 AM

Looking for cheesesteaks in the Brookline area

Any recommendations for cheesesteaks in the Brookline area? My favorite in Boston is Venice on Cambridge St. A bit of a dive, but I love the fact that they toast the bread!

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  1. I'm sorry to report that I looked for 2 years and found nothing. I tried Moogy's, Brookline Spa, and probably a half dozen pizza/sub shops, and ultimately ended up hitting Bob's in Medford when my travels allowed in order to satisfy the occasional cheesesteak craving.


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      I think the one at the place at the intersection of Washington and Cypress St. (I think those are the streets) is decent and they toast the bread. Haven't gotten steak & cheese at the one more in B. Village but they will toast the sub rolls too I think. And they do an okay crabmeat salad sub (real not fake crab).

    2. I get my fix from a hole in the wall called Outbound Pizza, on Comm Ave near the corner of Harvard (not strictly in Brookline but only four blocks from the border). Not earthshaking but decent, and they do toast it. Everything I've gotten there is a notch or two better than you'd expect.

      They were also my go-to pizza joint (much better thin crust than Pizzeria Uno next door!) until I discovered T. Anthony's, which is even better.

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        I believe you are referring to Inbound Pizza. Or am I mistaken, and there is an Outbound as well?

        If you are referring to Inbound, I agree, it is better than expected and very good for the area.

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          Oops! You're right, it's Inbound. I never could tell east from west.

      2. The sub shops have changed so much that I can't recommend one but I felt compelled to mention Carl's in Waltham on Prospect Street. It is literally an afterthought of a building that looks like it could get blown over by a strong wind.

        But they had the most incredible Steak 'n' Cheeses I've eaten outside of College Park Maryland, where I first discovered them.

        1. Pizza Stop on Cypress St in the point has decent steak subs

          1. I agree with you Bloomeanie on Carl's. I have been eating there since I was just a little girl. The small subs are so big, I can hardly finish one! Waltham is lucky to have so many great places to dine!