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Jan 18, 2007 12:54 AM

Shot in the dark...Anyone know anything about "Metro" a new restaurant in Springfield OR?

Eugene isn't known for its great chow and compared to Springfield its Chicago and New York rolled into one, but I heard a random rumor that someone just opened this place in Springfield called Metro that is pretty good...Anyone? We're looking for some place to go without the kids (rare event) for a quick but nice dinner on a Friday night, tired of the same old three places in Eugene, any thoughts appreciated.
Thanks. M

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  1. Not heard anything but I rarely make it across I-5. Where abouts is it located?

    1. Metro is located on the main drag heading east into Springfield from Eugene (A Street, or Main Street?), just before the Lithia auto dealership - used to be a Quizmo's. They also own the adjacent "Sicily" coffee drive through. The coffee drive-through is decent, but the menu at Metro looks pretty pedestrian. My in-laws ate there, and said it was "ok but not great." A better choice in Springfield is the relatively new Priscilla & Aquilla's in the small strip mall along Q Street near the Safeway (near the Chicken Bonz place). A very cute bistro with local art on the walls, good coffee and very good sandwiches. Not a whole lot else in Springfield, is there?

      As for Eugene - anyone else tried the new Howlin' Coyote Texas BBQ on Franklin? I've been there twice for take-out and been pleased both times. Very good pulled pork, and a "Western BBQ Burger" that's quite good (pulled BBQ pork, Tillamook cheese, smoked bacon and onion rings on a bun . . .).

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        I did quite enjoy the Three Mushroom and Brie Soup at Priscilla amd Aquilla. I just wish there was more seating and small tables instead of couches and reading circles. I just get annoyed by lack of seating, it's hard to eat soup on a divan. It might have also been the not so friendly vibe from the customers. I just want to eat, I'm not trying to interrupt your Oprah Book Circle! (Gosh, it must have bothered me more than I thought!)

      2. I've really enjoyed Le Metro in Springfield (on the corner of South A / Main and 7th or 8th). It's really tiny, and has a kinda funky atmosphere because it's put this Italian restaurant (not bistro) into what used to be a fast-food place. The kitchen is right there and you can talk to the terse-in-a-not-unfriendly-but-fast-clipped-east-coast-way-chef/owner while you're having your dinner. It can be crowded on the weekends and there's nowhere to wait for a table. The cream sauces are incredible - the best I've had. You can bring a bottle of your own vino to have with your meal, and then just sit back and enjoy. This is not a quick meal, but I've never felt like I was kept waiting overlong. You'll not likely have leftovers unless you order spaghetti, though, as the portions are sized for one person's full meal and not more.

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          sounds like it's worth a try. thanks for the update; will check it out! I was initially excited after seeing it while getting coffee, but disappointed to hear reviews from my in-laws - might have just been an "off" night. Again, goes to show that you really have to try a place a time or two to get a correct feel for the quality, and to be careful about restaurants reviews you haven't visited yourself (i.e., myself).