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Jan 18, 2007 12:52 AM

Katz's in New Haven

Can anyone give me a run down on the new location on Temple Street? Thanks.

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  1. I have not been there, but the "Original Katz's" in Woodbridge has signs all over the place saying there is no connection between them. The Woodbridge place has great brisket, matzo ball soup and pastrami

    1. They owned Katz' in Woodbridge before they sold it and opened the one in New Haven.

      1. Went there for lunch a week or so ago. I had the matzoh ball soup and the turkey meatloaf half-sammie. The soup isn't going to make anyone's bubbe quiver in fear that the secret to matzoh-y goodness is out. The ball had been in the soup a little long, and so was both a touch soggy and browned from being at the bottom of the pot. The turkey meatloaf had good flavor, but should be served on toast, as the overall texture of the sandwich is mushy without. The SO had cheese blintzes and a potato pancake. Neither compared favorably to those from, oh, Veselka or Odessa in New York. The failing of both was an overly commercial texture -- too blended in the case of the blintz filling and too doughy in the case of the latke.

        There were certainly some positives, notably that the fare was reasonably priced, the menu was extensive, and the environment was comfortable. The pickles (both half-sour and full-sour) and cole slaw that were provided gratis at the beginning were good. At least I hear the slaw was good. Don't touch the stuff, myself.

        We'll probably go back, if only so I can measure Katz's pastrami or corned beef sandwich against the platonic ideal in my head.

        1. I have had the pastrami sandwiche there and it was good. Much better then any other I have tasted in the area. Good flavor but low on fat. Very tender. I haven't tried anything else on the menu but plan an going back since I only work about a block from them.

          1. I revisited the Woodbridge location for 2 sandwiches and was dissappointed. The biggest issue here is the lack of a real rye bread! They serve packaged thin sliced 'soft' rye. It falls apart on a large sandwich and gets too wet and can't stand up against cole slaw/russian dressing. I fail to grasp how a 'professional' deli doesn't have a real bread baker delivering fresh bread daily. Without real bread it's just a waste.
            My request for lean pastrami was ignored.
            Also the surly service doesn't kelp.