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Jan 18, 2007 12:50 AM

Medjool dates past their prime?

I have a container of Medjool dates that's been sitting around a little too long. They're not moldy or anything, but no longer very succulent and I don't want to pop them in my mouth.

Any ideas on how to use them?

I was thining of stewing them in some sort of liquid and making a spread, but I'm open to other ideas as well.

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  1. Chop them up, let the sit in some warm orange juice for a few minutes to rehydrate and they'll be great in date nut bread or oatmeal cookies.
    I LOVE medjools and hate to waste them.

    1. I have a tried and true trick I use with overdry dried figs, and I bet it would work with your dates. I put the figs in a glass container with a lid, and splash some triple sec and brandy in with them as well as a little water. Cover, shake it up so everything is well coated, and store them in the fridge in this liquid -- they last forever, taste good, and stay very moist. I've also used other liquors like rum, bourbon, grand marinier, etc. to good effect. I recently made scones with some of my steeped figs, chopped up, and they turned out great -- not alcoholy at all.

      1. Hello I just found this. Did you know you can put some sliced apples in with your dates and they (the dates) will soak up the moisture from them (the apples)? You can also put them in a bowl on a plate with a little water and nuke them for 30 seconds or so and they will plump right back up.