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Jan 18, 2007 12:38 AM

Hurricanes for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is Feb 20 this year, and we host our 4th annual party on Feb 10. I made 4 gallons of hurricanes last year with light & gold rum, Hawaiian Punch, lemon & lime juices. What's your recipe for a party sized batch of Hurricanes?

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  1. When I actually lived in hurricane country, I occasionally got a silver envelope of Pat O'Brien's powdered Hurricane cocktail mix and followed its directions. We decided those were pretty pale imitations of the real thing, and started making Martinis when the barometer started plummeting.

    Here's a better recipe (adapted from, the kind I'd be proud to make and serve now that I'm too grown up to rely on crappy mixes:

    9 parts light rum
    9 parts dark rum
    6 parts OJ
    6 parts fresh (fresh is important) lime juice
    12 parts passion fruit juice
    1 part simple syrup (cane sugar dissolved in equal parts water)
    1 part Grenadine

    Stir with ice, pour into a hurricane glass filled with ice. Garnish with an orange slice and a stem-on cherry.

    There's a commercial frozen passion fruit puree on the market that appears intended for commercial bar use; I'm going to try to make Hurricanes with this product instead of canned, bottled, or aseptic-pack passion fruit juice someday.

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      This is an old thread that I found when I was looking for a hurricane recipe, and I just wanted to add that I used this recipe and it was fantastic. I didn't use any simple syrup or superfine sugar (as the recipe recommends) simply because I forgot but found that the fruit juices did the job just fine. And gumbopages was a great discovery!

    2. Thanks much MC Slim JB, and thanks for mentioning gumbopages as my wife had already printed his recipe.

      Correction to my first post - our previous recipe used orange not lemon juice.

      One of the local grocery chains had limes 4/$1 so I went to three of their stores to buy 60 limes! One cashier said "you makin' sumptin'?" Surprisingly, I did not say I was making the British Navy get over an outbreak of scurvy.

      Passion fruit juice has been problematic. I ended up with Welch's in a half gallon tent top cardboard carton. Ingredients are: water, white grape juice from conc., passion fruit juice from conc., corn syrup, sugar, etc. I doubled the grenadine in our test batch for color and sweetness, presumably because of the passion fruit we're using.

      Where's a better source of Passion Fruit juice for next year?

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        I usually use Torani passion fruit syrup, and then cut back on the sugar in the recipe a little bit.

      2. I don't. I make Sazeracs . . .


        1. The passion fruit juice really is the key. I find that Hawaiian Punch with the passion fruit really is the closest to the Pat O's drinks. Personally, I don't drink them anymore, but the guests love them!

          1. In descending order of preference:

            Frozen passion fruit puree, an expensive product made for restaurants and bars, has the best flavor, but you have to order it in quantity (typically a case of six 30-oz jars). Sources include Perfect Puree (Napa, CA) and Sicoly (France). For the well-heeled purist.

            Ceres, an aseptic-pack (box) 100% passion fruit juice from South Africa has the purest flavor in a juice product. It's not cheap, but easy to find in my local markets, and available online, too. Not very sweet.

            Look in health food / natural food markets for Looza, a Belgian passion fruit "nectar", about 25% juice but a good flavor, a fair amount of added sugar, not too pricey.

            Goya passion fruit nectar is easy to find canned in Latino markets. It's really not bad for a fairly inexpensive product.

            An emergency substitution, if you can find it, is ZaRex fruit punch flavored syrup, which has the side benefit of adding a really nice, almost magenta color. It's produced in Maine and carried by the Hannaford supermarket chain in New England.

            Hawaiian Punch was the closest I got to passion fruit flavor when I was a kid; too bad it's so full of corn syrup.

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              I found a box of passion fruit juice in the Spanish section of the local supermarket. I used the recipe above and made a pitcher and a half. Served over ice and guests weren't feeling any pain.
              Also made shrimp gumbo and jambalaya and local bakery made a King cake.
              Invite said to wear masks - we had a great time!!