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Jan 18, 2007 12:13 AM

Butcher Counter at Medina Market in Herndon?

Has anyone gotten meat from the butcher counter at Medina market in Herndon? If so, how was it? Medina market is in the K-mart plaza and as the name suggests, it has hallal meats. I saw racks of lamb at prices comparable to Lebanese Butcher ($5.99/lb) and other meat prices seemed pretty reasonable.

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  1. The prices are pretty reasonable for a Halal store. My problem is with the service at the butcher counter. They do not have a modicum of respect for female customers. They also do not follow the arrival order. If you get there first and you're a female, they'll go and attend to the male customer that came after you. Their manners leave a lot to be desired. The butchers are rude, and when finally they decide to talk to you, it is in a diminishing manner. They behave like they're doing you a favor when they talk to you. Enough to say that I do not buy ANYTHING there. I decided to speak with my money!