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Jan 18, 2007 12:00 AM

Good spot near the Kirkland Performance Center (350 Kirkland Ave)?

We are headed there for a concert next month and I am vastly ignorant of the Kirkland area places for good food. I see it is near Purple (wine bar?) but that seems to be getting mixed reviews...

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  1. Try Lynn's on Central Way. Food is terrific. Reservations are needed. See more info on

    1. Purple was really good at one point, but the quality of the food and the size of the pour have gone down lately. Still okay, but not stellar.

      Another good steakhouse would be 21 Central. Very tasty beef and very pricey!

      1. Third Floor Fish Cafe, Cactus, Mixtura and Rikki Rikki are all in the area. Although you might repark for the restaurants as they (except Rikki Rikki) aren't adjacent.

        1. i second lynn's. consistently the best place in downtown kirkland. BUT-if you have the time and don't mind driving a short distance after dinner, the performance center is only 10 minutes from CAFE JUANITA. easily one of the best restaurants in the state. you can not go wrong making the effort if you will be that close. you can thank me later.