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Working Late - Delivery in Santa Monica

I'm at my office and don't want to leave and take an hour+ to go to dinner. I'm on the 28th block of Santa Monica (between harvard and yale). I'm looking for some delivery, but don't really want to pay the LA Bites delivery charge (a 15 dollar meal suddenly seems to jump to 30, for some reason)... any advice? I'm open to almost anything, except maybe pizza.

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  1. I like Classic Pizza in Santa Monica for delivery. Not sure how late they are open but their prices are reasonable and all of the sandwiches and salads I have had have been quite good. Even their pasta dishes are good, if not cooked al dente. If you google them as:

    Classic Pizza Santa Monica CA you will probably find a link to their menu online.

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    1. re: tony michaels

      the Italian cold cut sandwich never disappoints. The bread is from la brea bakery.

      i find their pastas sub par though and sometimes too oily.

    2. These are my go-to delivery places when in a bind (meaning I'm not saying they're the most amazing dining on earth):

      Soybean Chinese
      11966 Wilshire Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90025
      (310) 447-6526
      Good: 1/2 roasted duck, shrimp with mixed vegetables, bbq pork pan fried noodles

      Bangkok West Thai
      606 Santa Monica Blvd
      Santa Monica, CA 90401
      (310) 395-9658
      Good: cashew chicken, red, green, panang & duck curries, pad thai, emperor duck rolls

      The Clay Pit (Indian) (I think they deliver without it being through LABite...)
      145 S Barrington Ave
      Los Angeles, CA 90049-3310
      (310) 476-4700
      Good: papri chat, lamb vindaloo, chicken tikka masala, biriyani

      and they make good pizza, but their sandwiches are also great:
      Dagwoods Pizza
      820 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA
      (310) 899-3030
      Good: the meatball sub is my own personal heaven

      Hope this helps.

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      1. re: neobite

        Yeah, Dagwoods is great for their salads, esp. the famous avocado. Their pastas are pretty bad but their Calzones are great.

        Classic Pizza is good too....BBQ chicken Sandwhich is good. They have a great dish which is the Cilantro Chicken pasta. They are also related to Cicero's.

        I often get delivery from Izzy's Deli...just their burgers or tuna melt though...rest of the menu is bleh.

        1. re: Xericx

          God, Izzy's is horrible... is Fromin's still open on 18th or 19th and Wilshire?

      2. Thanks everyone. Went for Classic Pizza. Sausage and peppers sandwich. Asked for no red sauce. They forgot that request. The bread was maybe a little too welldone on the outside for my taste, and maybe not crispy enough. Maybe a little too chewie. The peppers and onions were quite good. The sausage was good too. Sometimes places overcook the sausage. This wasn't the case.

        Thanks, all.

        1. Real Food Daily in Santa Monica might deliver (I'm at Wilshire and Barrington, which is outside their delivery area). I think they only charge a flat fee for delivery and it's less than the delivery services. When I worked in Century City and the Beverly Hills branch was open, I used to get delivery from them all the time.

          Some of Real Food Daily's menu items are better than others and it's completely vegan, so it may not be your cup of tea. Sure wish the Green Olive (which I believe you mentioned on this Board) would deliver. If they would just spiff up the hummus a bit, the place would be perfect.

          Working in the neighborhood, I feel your pain re delivery options.

          1. My frequent deliverers:

            Soy Bean, but lately I've been ordering from VIP Seafood (they deliver to your neighborhood)

            Chan Dara

            Thai Dishes

            The Slice (much better than Dagwoods!!!), who has a great meatball sub and great chicken parm


            Tacos Por Favor (yes, they deliver!!!)

            1. Working late again - i'm trying Thai Dishes tonight.

              1. Changs on San Vincente does really good old school Americanized Chinese. Much better than Soybean..imho...they deliver to Santa Monica free with $20 min...

                1. Worked late last night and had delivery from Darya, a Persian restaurant at Santa Monica Blvd. and Bundy. Very pleasantly surprised. No delivery charge and the food was more than decent, especially considering the other delivery options in the neighborhood. Would definitely order delivery again.


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                  1. re: omotosando

                    Spumoni on Montana in Santa Monica delivers. Food could be a bit more consistent but it is usually pretty good. And the delivery is usually pretty quick. Also the SLICE for wings...

                    1. re: omotosando

                      What did you have? Their prices seem to be in line, (maybe a bit higher, but not enough to make you say "what are they thinking") with other Persian places around the westside.

                      1. re: tony michaels

                        Tony Michaels - I ordered lamb shish kabob and panir sabzi from Darya.

                        As I said, I was pretty pleasantly surprised. Especially with delivery, dishes are often ice cold, dried out etc. by the time they arrive, but everything was more than acceptable on arrival. In fact, the delivery lamb shish kabob from Darya was vastly superior to the lamb shish kakob that I ate for lunch today, in restaurant at Shaherzad on Westwood. The Shaherzad shish kabob was, I think, 95 cents cheaper than at Darya, but the difference in quality was vast (The Shaherzad lamb kabob was very gamey and tough).

                        1. re: omotosando

                          Ordered office delivery from Darya on Santa Monica Blvd again. Great delivery speed. Everything nicely packaged.

                          Loved, loved, loved the Darya salad - greens, walnuts, feta, figs and raisins. I am really fussy about my salad greens - can't stand the tired stuff they serve at most medium-priced restaurants - but these greens were great. Nice tangy olive oil and lemon dressing as well.

                          Also ordered fesenjon, which is chicken stewed in a pomegranate walnut sauce. Since I had never had it before, I can't tell you if this was well made or not. I did not like the sauce at all, but I'm assuming that was because the dish was just too "foreign" for me. The stewed chicken was fine, once I blotted all the sauce off!

                          I will definitely get delivery from Darya again, just no fesenjon.

                    2. I usually order Dagwoods for their Chciken Avocado. Great suggestion on Tacos Por Favor. Totally forgot about that. Another gem is Louises, they do deliver and have great salads and a great chick parm.

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                      1. re: nbgaucho

                        Actually, Louise's is one of the restaurants that comes to mind when I say that I can't stand the salad greens that they serve at most medium-priced restaurants. Just my opinion.

                        1. re: nbgaucho

                          Sadly, Tacos Por Favor only delivers until 3pm. Here are some of my delivery standbys:

                          All India Cafe
                          El Super Taco
                          Abbott's Pizza
                          Chang's (but only until about 8:30pm)

                        2. IMHO - Bravo Pizzeria on Main St. in the Santa Monica/Ocean Park area has the best pizza. AND they deliver. 10:30 during the week and midnight on the weekends. They're also open late. They also open during the week 'til 1:30am and 'til 3:30am on Fridays and Saturdays.

                          Also - Joe's Pizza - which New Yorkers insist is terrific (I find it okay, I prefer Mulberry's "New York style pizza" in B.H. But Joe's delivers too.