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Jan 17, 2007 11:28 PM

Where to find excellent petit fours.....

for large party. Will order in advance. Preferably OC, but LA would work too.

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    They have delicious chocolates, chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, and fruit confections. (Must get the apricots..) Jonathan, the owner, will make sure you get exactly what you want!

    1. I saw some at Jin's. So funny, my neighbor thought it was Jim's Patisserie.

      1. Check out Caprice French Pastries in Santa Monica... 3213 Pico... very nondescript location - you miss it if you blink... The owner, Jean-Louis, is a rascal with alot of talent - he mostly does catering but sells a fair amount to walk-ins. He will taunt you and tempt you with trays of desserts. If I were to have someone create a large order of petit fours, he would be the guy to call on... he's been there since the 80's...

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          Thanks a mil! I love little finds like this!

        2. Try they have great petit fours - also search this sight as you may find a few other places that have decent petit fours. Most people don't really know what they are.

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            Agree with divinedelights mailorder. Can't imagine prettier or tastier than those.

          2. I've asked this question numerous times, but the places mentioned inevitably always mention the fancier form of petit fours as opposed to my favorites, the more cake-like kind. I'd kill to find a tasty source for simple, wedding-cake and vanilla-style petit fours. They must be out there but I've yet to discover any like the ones made by my cajun/creole uncle at the Big Loaf Bakery back in the '70s.

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              I've had the cake-like kind at Victor Benes in Gelson's in the Marina... they had some with Christmas decs... I think it was like minature versions of their Princess cake. A Light yellow cake with raspberry jam and marzipan, topped with a dollop of whipped cream frosting, then covered in icing... not the dense multi-layered type... not sure if that's in the direction that you were looking for... I know this Victor Benes was being managed for a while by a lady who specialized in cake items - especially french cakes... might be worth seeking her out...

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                Thanks for this but in fact it's exactly the kind I'm NOT talking about. I mean cake as in plain cake and icing. The icing taste often distinctively almondly or otherwise rich, but no jam, cream, etc.

                They used to serve these at a well-known chain in New Orleans, MacKenzies I think was the name, but they went out of business pre-Katrina (in what as far as I can tell was a fit by the owner over some perceived slight by city hall). There's another bakery in Phoenix AZ near the airport that comes close.

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                  Gotcha... maybe see my Jan 18 reply... if you can describe it, I am sure Jean-Louis can make it... I tell you this man is obsessed with tempting and pleasing his customers... and he is a really nice guy...

                  1. re: bulavinaka

                    Thanks, he seems like he's worth a shot.