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Jan 17, 2007 11:11 PM

Breakfast in the Financial District

Something nicer, to take clients to... I'm at California and Montgomery.

The Vitale woudl be perfect but it a little far...anything closer? Others I'm considering - the restaurants at the Meridien, Omni..anything else?

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  1. I would check this place out:
    It's in the Ferry Building and is open for breakfast Mon-Fri. I am curious to hear any reviews since I haven't been, but I've thought of skipping work to go here one day.

    1. Tough location for "nicer." The Omni is the best based on the location (obviously). A quick cab ride will take you to the Four Seasons or Campton Place. Have never had breakfast at Boulettes, but lunch is pretty amazing (it is pretty casual).

      1. Bocadillo's does breakfast. Montgomery at Clay.

        1. Breakfast at the Palace Hotel (at New Montgomery & Market) is a real affair - absolutely wonderful, under the glass ceiling in their atrium. They have a buffet, but they will allow you to pay just for a few items you take. For something more intimate feeling, Campton Place is great. I imagine that the Mandarin Oriental is also nice - Silks - though I haven't bee there.