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Jan 17, 2007 10:56 PM

Home Brew Supply Stores in Philly?

I think I'm going to take a stab at making my own beer. I am a complete newcomer but want to take on the challenge. I will be heading out tomorrow to buy a book on the subject and was wondering if anyone has any recs on a store for supplies in the city or any other helpful hints? Thanks

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  1. Try Keystone Home Brew on Route 309 in Montgomeryville.

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      I second this...I used to buy wine supplies there and they are incredibly helpful and well-stocked for both beer and wine making.

    2. The place on sansom is amazing, around 16th I think. The guy will walk you through everything and even give you his phone number in case you have questions during the process. He'll start you out on a basic beer and then slowly introduce methods of making it more interesting/complicated. He routinely wins homebrew awards and some of the Nodding Head beers are his recipes.

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        There is a supply store on Sansom between 20th and 21st (on the south side of the street). I'm not sure if this is the same one you're talking about. I forget the name unfortunately.

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            Home Sweet Homebrew??? That name popped in my head.

        1. Sterilization is the key. I used to do quite a bit of brewing but don't drink that much beer anymore. Also, the cheapest way to bottle your beer is go to a beer distributor and get cases of empty 16oz returnables like Bud bottles or use Grolsch bottles with the flip cap. They're strong and won't burst. Probably the best place to get supplies is Williams Brewing.

          1. Also try Barry's Home Brew Outlet (2nd & Snyder). He's not as well stocked as Keystone or Home Sweet Homebrew, but he is really helpful and the least expensive place in the area. Also, check out John Palmer's website


            Have fun.

            1. Great responses. Thank you