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Jan 17, 2007 10:53 PM

Ybor City

Spending a day in Tampa and thought my wife and I would go to Ybor City to eat. Not looking for the bar scene but is the evening the best time to get a feel for this area? Clumbia best place to try tapas? Is the area pretty safe at night for walking around?

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  1. it's been many, many years since i've been into the party scene in general and the ybor party scene in particular.

    our ybor excursions tend to be afternoon/early evening events. we started out doing the nightlife, but have 'evolved' into an earlier version of that as the years have passed. (ie, we're finished by 9 or 10 pm)

    outskirts of ybor can be iffy for safety, but if you stay along the main drag, you shouldn't have any problems.

    i've never actually been to the ybor columbia because i was raised in st augustine -- so to me, the idea of columbia became associated with a tourist trap. could be to my chowhounding detriment, but i'm not all about anything remotely 'touristy' anymore. the more homestyle, dive, mom and pop - the more i like it! ;)

    do a search here for ybor city, you'll get all kinds of info.

    1. I am the same as the above poster, now Ybor for me is for Festivals, or early evening dinner, show at the Improv, or cigar and dessert...and then out of there by midnight the latest..
      Defintily suggest Columbia for Spanish, and nostalgia. Walk down 7th Ave and hit King Corona for a cigar or desert, Big City Tavern has a great dessert sampler plate, try to get a seat on the balcony overlooking 7th ave.