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Jan 17, 2007 10:48 PM

bought used Circulon

For any and all foodies out there, just be on the lookout.
For me, I can't refuse a deal/bargain/great catch/great find.
I was in the Los Angeles area getting my passport renewed.
Since I live so far away from it, I wanted to take in Serfas (sp?) while in that neck of the woods. Love that store. Bought a few things and felt revived. BUT THEN remembered there was a thrift store aross the street and I've been very BAD in there before. Long story short, I found a 12 piece set of ruby red heavy thick new Circulon cookware. I don't need cookware but do you think I could refuse it? Heck no. I ADORE THIS STUFF. Better story!>>> $55 out the door..........wooooo hoooooo, I know, I just had to remind people that you just never know what treasures you'll find in a thrift store, unless of course, you hate them........[wish I did]

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  1. I have bought some of my very BEST stuff at flea markets, thrift store, estate sales and on eBay. A fraction of the cost new because somebody got tired of it or just didn't have room or the heirs didn't need it. Things that are no longer made, of a quality that isn't available any longer. The most beautiful table and antique bed linens because no one wants to iron.
    So much kitchenware is trendy. A new thing comes out and people refit their kitchens with the very latest. Out with the old! I'll happily pick up great quality pieces for a song.
    It helps to know how to clean things because many require a good rehab.