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Top Chef - Marcel Vigneron

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More gossip about why Cliff, Sam and Ilan don't like Marcel Vigneron


They sound just as immature in that interview as on TV.

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  1. hah! great find! thanks.....that joel robuchon crack.....

    1. Ilan still comes cross like a teenage girl.

      1. "In the magazine this week, Jada Yuan spoke to some of the contestants from Bravo's Top Chef about host Padma Lakshmi, wife of Salman Rushdie."

        Why was it necessary to state who her husband is? That leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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        1. re: Atomica

          Hehe...maybe they did it to get her goat. She has specifically stated that she does not like to answer questions about her husband, or that he be referred to in interviews with her.

          1. re: Atomica

            When I read the article that is exactly what I was thinking!

            1. re: Atomica

              People kept saying she was married to someone famous but having only known her from a couple of FTV specials years ago I had to look it up. I certainly wouldn't have guessed Rushdie. Could the statement be informative rather that degrading?

              1. re: Atomica

                Do you actually think anyone would have chosen her for the show if she had been married to some normal, everyday guy? He is way more famous than she will ever be.

                1. re: dinwiddie

                  In some circles. Considering the number of people who read serious modern literature vs. the number who watch TV, I'm betting the number of people who knew Padma even before Top Chef from her Food Network series is much higher than the number of people who could tell you who Salman Rushdie is (although the name may be familiar). Padma is also pretty darn famous in India.

              2. I think Marcel is a mole for the radicals out to get Salman Rushdie.

                His plan is to foam him to death.

                1. I read that piece, and could not the introduction be deemed a little "spoilery"?? Thoughts, anyone?

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                  1. re: anna banana

                    Not to me. "Top Chef's Marcel" is being used in the possessive as in Marcel belongs to Top Chef.

                    1. re: JAB

                      no, I meant in the NY mag article-- sorry if I was unclear

                      1. re: anna banana

                        are you speaking of a description of Sam? Because I saw that too. I don't want to wreck things for people...

                        1. re: lollya

                          You meant his job description on the article on Padma? I was wondering about the same thing.

                  2. "Asked if he trusted Lakshmi’s culinary taste, Ilan Hall, a line cook at Casa Mono, asked a Bravo flack, 'Um, are we allowed to say disparaging things about Padma?' No. 'She’s beautiful,' Hall offered."

                    1. padma loves sam, padma loves sam

                      that's why he's still around

                      marcel is up against padma, producers, everyone, and will lose because of ratings or rankings or whatever, but not because of deserving to

                      sam and ilan please go away, i'd rather see betty at this point for xxxx's sake

                      san diego food blog

                      1. http://www.lasvegasweekly.com/2007/01...

                        Gee, is this what Marcel-haters mean when they call picking on him "just horsing around"?

                        That girl in the club is lucky Marcel is a gentleman. As a lady, I would have had taken her out and have her eat the curb.

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                        1. re: gingersweetiepie

                          She was drunk and hit him over the head with a wine bottle. She could have killed him. Happily, she was arrested. Heard about it a few weeks ago through a friend who works in Vegas.

                        2. this all reminds me of summer camp when i was twelve. marcel, no doubt, is a little twerp but sam is full of himself, ilan is sooooo juvenile, cliff's a bully and betty - well betty was just plain off putting. so glad she's gone. they all are irritating in their own way so why single out marcel? if he's being such a jerk as to draw this group wrath why hasn't bravo shown the full flower of his jerkiness? why has it all been edited out as ilan et al insist? they certainly had no problem shining a light on jeffrey's obnoxiousness on, sister show, project runway.

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                          1. re: boppiecat

                            Presumably the producers think that 15 minutes of Marcel being annoying doesn't make as good television as 15 seconds of one of the other contestants blowing up at him.

                          2. Who would you say is the overall best chef (personalities aside)? Who would you place a bet on when it came to opening a successful restaurant?

                            1. Ilan's "joke" about Marcel and Joel Robuchon made me cringe, it was so immature. I can't imagine that Marcel ever said or did anything as annoying as that remark. What's especially weird to me is that Ilan thought it clever enough to repeat to NY Magazine. You'd think he would have been relieved that the editors were kind enough to leave it out of the show and spare him the embarrassment.

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                              1. re: Clarissa

                                I think Ilans joke was just that a joke, even though it might be distasteful.

                                What is does prove is that maybe Marcel is not a bad guy, but can handle the ribbing that I would expect? Maybe what is shows is that Marcel does not get worked up when others joke with him, but everyone gets pissed when Marcel makes a tiny joke at their expense "the flambe round".

                              2. My new favorite word: insultory. Brilliant.

                                1. I don't care for Marcel, but I now have a newfound level of disrespect for Ilan.

                                  1. Marcel would be less irritating if he cut his hair. I think a lot of his remarks are attempts at humor and are taken the wrong way. In any event, he seems the most professional. I think there's a lot of jealousy, and I think Ilan has a thing for him.

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                                    1. re: Gigigirl2

                                      You know, I've had (okay, still sometimes have) that problem: I say things that I think are funny or that I think other people will appreciate, and they don't. When you realize that your attempt at humor or camaraderie is failing, then you have to SHUT UP. All Marcel had to do was keep his mouth shut, but he can't. And that's why he's both immature and incredibly annoying.

                                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                        I think his point is that he is who he is, and he's not going to change his ways for a few fellow contestants.

                                        It's strange because it showed that he has roommates/workmates that shared his passion and they cooked together. If he's that socially inept you wouldn't think that anyone will work with him off hours, but they do.

                                        I think once you know a person's character and know that his verbosity about food and technique is just enthusiasm and not showing off his actions can be interpreted a bit differently and accepted. His attempts at humor is kind of lame, but who doesn't fall flat with a joke once in a while? Friends just laughs it off, but the problem is he's not among friends.

                                        Just got the feeling (whether it was careful editing on Bravo's part or not) that the others were intimidated by Marcel from the get go. I guess his non-stop shop talk and the fact that he works at one of the most famous chef's US outpost probably doesn't help.

                                        1. re: notmartha

                                          It was what Padama said. 'Lord of the Flies'.