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Jan 17, 2007 10:22 PM

Veal Shanks revisited

Checked the board to see if there were any current recommendations for butchers that actually cut a veal shank for you, including the bone. Not interested in frozen, packaged, "osso bucco" veal shanks. Am getting too old to shlepp to Providence for my veal. Anybody found a good butcher who does this in the Boston area? thanks.

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  1. I'd be very surprised if you could not get them at Sulmona Meat Market
    (32A Parmenter Street- NE) or Sevenors.

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    1. re: Food4Thought

      I agree. Just call first to see if they have them in the locker. If they don't, they'll certainly get them for you really quickly.

      Same deal with Savenor's.

      1. re: Food4Thought

        Sulmona is an excellent butcher and I enjoy their veal shanks, however I have never seen them actually cut them. Whenever I have ordered them they have gone into the cooler and brought out precut shanks. Still, I think they are a good source for shanks or any other meat product.

      2. I think I've seen veal shanks at J Pace & Sons in Saugus- if not, I'm sure they'd do it for you.

        1. John Dewars in Newton Center will do absolutely anything if you call in advance. They are incredibly accomodating and their quality is very high. You do pay a premium but for something like that, probably worth it.

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          1. re: GretchenS

            Yeah, depending on where the OP lives, Savenor's and Dewars would be the choice for the very highest quality.

          2. Pace's in Saugus will cut them for you. I asked when I was there. I did not need them at the time, but asked for future reference. Pace's has other locations as well. I don't know if they all do it.

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            1. re: pemma

              PAce's is great. Got a beautiful rack of lamb there during the Holidays. The steak and veal looks good as well. This thread has reminded me to get back there and try the sausages- looked wonderful- large, great selection, and looked they were made on site.

            2. thanks - i want them cut for me and not frozen and packaged so i'll try Pace - let hyou know

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              1. re: teezeetoo

                I was at Pace's ths weekend, and they had veal shanks. Their veal cutlets looked really good, as did all their red meats.. Will get them here next time, for sure.
                I tried some of their sausages- the sweet italian, hot italian and the garlic/cheese.They were ok, but not nearly as good as they looked. We had them on Saturday night, and had leftovers. They were better on the pizza's on Sunday.