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Any reports on TWO yet?

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  • Maya Jan 17, 2007 10:21 PM
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New place in the old Hawthorne Lane location. Looks promising from the website... and I'm glad to see they will still be having happy hour.


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  1. Here's the thread from last week -

    P.S. Found it by googling, site search engine is broken.

    1. went on monday with a bunch of friends and sat at the bar.

      their appletini is great and unique.
      we had the:
      raviolino (egg yolk rav with ricotta and brown butter) amazing
      mediteranean fries (eggplant fries with marinara) yum
      pretzel with mustard-good
      little gems salad- fine not great
      sides of radicchio-good
      sides of escarole-great
      meatballs-pretty good
      other things that don't stand out
      oh yeah, didn't like the spicy onion soup with poached egg, i love the idea, but not the flavors

      1. Any new feedback on TWO? We were thinking about trying it out tonight.

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