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Good Earth Restaurant --- if anyone cares.

I didn't even know there were still Good Earth restaurants around.

I used to eat at them long ago ... good whole grain veggie burger.

But, they are still around, because there is one in Westwood Village, in the old Stratton's location.

If this is a chain ... I guess this will get moved to the chain board.

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  1. And the Old Madison's after that. Have they opened yet?

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      I don't think so ... I noticed it from the parking structure right across the street. Didn't look like anyone was going in or out.

      But the sign was up and it looked sort or ready to open.

    2. There's still one, last time I looked, in Sherman Oaks/Studio City (Ventura Bl., north side) and one in Arcadia/Sierra Madre/Santa Anita, or thereabouts. My wife loves their soup, and "air-fries"; I think they've got worse coffee than Denny's.

      1. There is still one in Northridge, I think? It was there about a year ago!
        The only thing I recall liking somewhat was their cinnamon iced tea. I prefer "Follow Your Heart" wayyyy more. It's in Canoga Park-veggie/vegan foods.

        1. We care!

          The one in Northridge appears to be gone. There is one in Studio City and then another (I believe) near Santa Barbara. The one in the Westside Pavilion mall closed after the big '94 earthquake. I was looking for the new one in Westwood Village - but did not drive by the old Strattons. I will check it out.

          I really like the Good Earth, I don't think it's quite as good as it used to be but it was a hangout many, many years ago for us in Westwood and they had great salads, frozen yogurt (like Pinkberry now), tofutti, great rolls/bread, pancakes, etc. We know it's not haute cuisine, but some us love the place.

          1. I lived four years in Westwood, and I've never heard of it before.

            1. I love the Good Earth - is there still one in Santa Barbara ?

              1. I ate at the Studio City one years ago. I had possibly the worst meal ever there, as well as really crappy service (former waitress here), and have never been back. Aside from the bottom of my own crisper drawer, I have never actually seen lettuce that brown. I am amazed it's still open.

                Das, if you don't mind, I'm going to steal that Olive Garden line and pretend it's mine.

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                  Yes, the one in Studio City is truely terrible. I wouldn't have high hopes for the Westwood location when it opens either. When we moved to the valley I got excited to see the Studio City location because i had fond memories of going to the WW location when I was a kid. I dragged hubby there and we've not been back.

                2. The westwood one closed over a decade ago - probably closer to 15 years ago, so having lived in westwood for four years...

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                    But the OP said there's one in Westwood. ???

                  2. During my UCLA years, 1973-76, it was our college hangout (along with Woody's Burgers and the occasional dinner at Carl Andersen's Chatam when the folks were buying). It was on Westwood Blvd., I believe, in the space that is now Chili's or thereabouts. Seven years before the Chinois chicken salad we were cutting our teeth on that Cashew chicken salad and thought it was the ultimate. Apparently the new Westwood location opened three days ago, as reported, in the old Stratton's space next to the Geffen Playhouse. Interesting choice given that they just spent a fortune redoing the theater.

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                      No, this space is the former Stratton's that was on Broxton that became Madison B&Grill, then was going to be torn down along with the theatre next door for another jungle jim project that the developer apparently felt would not be viable and thus released the space to the guy that owns the Good Earth in Studio City.
                      And as Das Ubergreek so stated, it is truly awful, yet his choice of words do the thought much more justice!!!

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                        I have a photo from 1978 that I believe was taken at the Chatam.When I figure out how to attach it ( I just signed up) maybe you will recognize it??

                      2. I concur -- back in the day, the Good Earth use to be really good. I too haven't been to the Studio City one in years, last time it was tasteless. I thought L.A. was suppose to be so health conscious, where are all the good health food restaurants that aren't vegan focused (like Real Food Daily or Jade, I think that's the name of the one in SL). I like Jack Sprats but am rarely on the west side and even that isn't as good as it use to be.

                        1. Out of the LA area, but I think there's still a Good Earth in Goleta (Santa Barbara) close to the UCSB campus. Reminds me of a Marie Callendar's but with better food.

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                            Sorry...but the Good Earth in Goleta has been closed for about a year now. My wife and I used to drive up hear from the Ventura area for the last 20 years, at least every couple of months for the drive and the food. This place was beautiful and so relaxing with great paintings around the inside walls of the restaurant. We enjoyed the great food and tranquil atmosphere so much! We used to stop by this restaurant on every trip north on the 101 freeway. I was shocked to see the place closed and in shambles this past year. It was finally torn down and now there is a new motor cycle shop in its place. Sad to see it go...but I believe there were just too many other restaurants (fast food) that opened in recent years on the same street. I will miss this place!!

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                              The one in Westwood is now Barney's Beanery. If anyone knows of another one in Westwood please let me know but I believe it's gone.