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Jan 17, 2007 10:16 PM

Breakfast in Niagara Falls

Heading to Niagara falls this weekend. Where is a good place to go for breakfast. Good quality greasy spoon or interesting breakfast. Nothing expensive unless its really worth it like a buffet.
Canadian side or US side. Any recommendations welcome.

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  1. For a cheap fun basic breakfast I would go to Flying Saucer. Haven't eaten there in a few years but remember the food being decent. It is located on Lundy's Lane.
    Besides that I don't really know where to go. I would avoid places like Denny's, have heard stories from co-workers that basic breakfast for 2 there cost $35.
    Best bet is to find a place that the locals go to. Might be a little out of the tourist area but Niagara Falls isn't that big anyway.

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      I wouldn't go to Denny's unless starving, but are you sure about $35 for a breakfast for 2? I thought Denny's selling proposition was big, big, big --- cheap, cheap cheap.

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        I confirm. Went there a couple of years ago. Waited more than an hour to get our breakfast while people around who had been seated after us had already been served and were leaving. All we got was a complimentary glass of OJ and the $35 bill.

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        I balked at the $18 pancakes at the IHOP built into the lobby of our hotel, and instead took the advice from this thread and drove up to The Flying Saucer. For $8.99 we had eggs, sausage, ham, pancakes, toast and terrific homefries. After a night of drinking it was the perfect greasy breakfast, and waitress was a gracious lady who heated up the baby's food.

      3. Denny's in Niagara Falls is NOT cheap avoid it as well as starbucks.

        1. Most chains in Niagara Falls have one point of view and that is to get as much money out of the tourist as possible. I worked at the TGIF on Victoria Ave for about a month when it first opened. A basic hamburger cost $14. Managements view was that they are not looking for repeat customers. Do not expect normal prices at most of the chains.

          I will add though that some chains do not increase their prices, I know that the Kelsey's (sp?) at the top of Cliffton Hill has the same prices as their other restaurants. I think the applebees does too.

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            Thanks and I do and will avoid all these big chains. It doesn't have to be on Clifton Hill in fact a little out of the way its better. I would like a place that locals go to for breakfast. If anyone has recommendations please pass them on.

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              Ah TGIF! The one at the Embassy served the worst meal I have eaten in my entire life. And that pricy hamburger was too tough to chew. Honestly...

            2. If you have time, I would drive to Niagara on the Lake, which is about 10 km from Niagara Falls on a nice drive along Niagara Parkway, which goes along the water. There are many restaurants in NOTL, but one in particular which I remember for breakfast is the Mozie on in Diner, on Mary Street. They have very nice breakfasts, lots of variety and very friendly service. There are also many other resaurants, from take out to very upmarket, and the town is really sweet too (touristy in a different way that Niagara Falls).

              1. Without ANY doubt go to Simon's Restaurant (4116 Bridge Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario) - the best greasy spoon in Niagara Falls. It's off the beaten track, and definitely different from the awful Clifton Hill fare. The interior looks like an antique's shop, really messy, with memorabilia from the Falls dating back over the last 100 years. The breakfasts are totally greasy spoon, cooked by a lady who has been there as long as the restaurant I'm sure! But its yummy! It's usually full of locals, who might look at you as if "what are you doing in here", but as soon as the guy behind the cash register realises you are a tourist, he will come over with the visitors book and ask you to write something. The visitors book is worth the visit alone, as its usually signed by people from all areas of the world.

                I've taken my parents and sister there before, and they love it as much as I do! In fact, next time my mother is over from England, she wants to bring the resturant something from England to put on their overflowing shelves of memories!

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                  thanks for this rec. my friends and i went there this weekend and the experience was almost exactly as you described. the guy behind the cash was awesome - we got free pins. and the guestbook was definitely entertaining!