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Jan 17, 2007 10:07 PM

Looking for organic whole cranberries - fresh or frozen

These are typically sold fresh seasonally... and now the season is over. Anyone know where in Toronto they might be sold frozen? The brand I'm used to buying is called "Tree Kids" (organic).


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  1. I could be wrong, but I think I've seen frozen organic cranberries at Qi Natural Foods, a great store on Eglinton just east of the Allen. The owner, Joanne, is terrific, and she'll get them for you if she doesn't have them.

    QI Natural Foods
    1001 Eglinton Avenue West
    York, ON M6C 2C7, Canada
    (416) 784-0459

    1. Thanks a bunch, FlavoursGal! I'll definitely check it out.

      1. I've also seen them at the Big Carrot - I was just there tonight and did not check whether they had the fresh ones, but I'm sure they have them frozen.

        1. Probably Whole Foods as well.

          1. go to this link:
            there is an email address at the bottom of the page for inquiries.
            please let me know if you were successful in getting info as I sent email and it did not go through. I live in US and this is Canadian, but I thought perhaps I could order or find out where they are distributed.

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              In fact I tried emailing them a long time ago and, if memory serves, had the same problem as you. Thanks nonetheless for the link.