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Jan 17, 2007 09:36 PM

What's for supper tonight?

After another day of being iced in, we're having brisket with homemade bbq sauce, little packets of potato, onion, prosciutto, cheese and olive oil, and salad. For dessert later, we'll dip chunks of yellow cake in some mandarin chocolate fondue a friend brought us as a souvenir from Geneva.


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  1. wow, mine sounds boring now.
    beef tortellini in some kind of sauce, have't really decided yet, and greek salad, and fresh bread.

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    1. re: RiJaAr

      No, it's just because I've had all day to think about it. I'm craving comfort food.

      1. Fried catfish. Salad for me. Haven't decided on another side dish.

        1. Even in Texas, we were "snowed" in.

          I am making/have made chili and peanut butter cookies. (But I am hitting the gym first)

          1. Home made gnocchi, in a light cream sauce w/ bacon, chicken, mushrooms and roasted brussel sprouts. We don't usually have dessert but I made a banana chocolate chip cake today so maybe the rest of the family will have that. Oh, my vegetarian daughter will have leftover home made whole wheat pasta that I made yesterday w/ a tomato sauce. And, we'll all have a spinach salad on the side.