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Jan 17, 2007 09:27 PM

Memorable dinner in Cabo San Lucas

Some friends invited me to stay with them for a week at Esperanza and I'd like to treat them to a fantastic dinner as a thank-you. Any suggestions? I've heard that the restaurant at the One and Only Palmilla (Agua, I think it is) is great but I can't find a menu. Is the food comparable to the restaurants at Esperanza? We like fantastic food and good wine but don't necessarily need a stellar wine list. I was hoping to spend less than $500 for 3 adults. Is that reasonable? Thanks!

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  1. I am vacationing in Cabo in a few weeks. The one restaurant that is consistently mentioned as a must visit is Aqua. I have already made a reso. Not certain about cost. I hear ridiculous comments about the mark up on wine (at least 3x). I was told dinner for 2 with wine will cost $400.

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      Haha, Aqua is one of the most expensive restaurants of the area, and some people say that is not so good but ive never tried.

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      1. Depends on what you want. Edith's in Cabo is fun and a great atmosphere with wonderful mesquite grilled steaks, fish, etc. The banana's foster for dessert is superb.

        I also LOVED Mi Cocina in San Jose del Cabo. More formal, eclectic menu and a beautiful courtyard setting.

        I don't think you could go wrong with either choice.

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          We didn't like Edith's, the food is good, but 25 dollars for a chicken breast and almost 50 dollars for a USDA ribeye is way too much. Its Cabo, not Monaco.

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            Just went to Cabo last month. You must go to NICK SAN!!! I abslolutely loved that place. We went twice. Personally, I felt every meal I had in cabo was average at best. I went to Edith's (nothing special). Went to Mi Casa( again average...very touristy, there is a clown making balloon creations. We thought it was a horrible atmosphere). Went to Pityhaya (great atmosphere...average food). WE had a drink at Las Ventanas. That place was divine. I think there is a restaurant there, I would check it out. Very upscale. I also went to Esperanza for another drink. Great place. If you go to Nick San, go to the one in Palmilla. They have one in the town of Cabo too. I was not a fan of the town. Palmilla was quieter and more upscale, if you are looking for atmosphere.
            I was overall disappointed with the food in Cabo. The prices were insane . I do not mind spending money on GOOD food, with the focus on food. Good luck!

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              I hate to say it... but you chose tourists traps despite having other places reviewed here.

          2. Charlie Trotter's restaurant - C - is the one at One and Only. How could you go wrong there?