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Jan 17, 2007 09:23 PM

Looking for Providence suggestions, group of 20

It's business (so $$ not an object). A private room would be a plus. The one leading the meeting is a vegetarian so Cap Grille's wine room would be a let-down for him. Prov Oyster Bar has a private room but it's booked the night we want. I'm drawing a blank....who else has a private room? L'Epicureo does, anyone else?

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  1. Actually, Sienna ("up on the Hill where they do do the boogie"--John Hartford...great song) might be a good choice. The food is great; the price is right;the service is cordial, but seriously professional; the wine list is good. and, in the back, there is a big room which I do believe might be used for groups such as yours.

    1. Al Forno at 577 South Main Street is a staple in Providence. I don't know if they have private rooms, but the food is yummmmy!

      1. I hate to recommend a chain, but Nappa Valley Grille in the mall has a private room that looks very nice. And the food there is good.

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          I like Napa, but the guy in charge is a bit of a food snob and I wouldn't even SUGGEST a restaurant in a mall, you know?

          I didn't know that about Gracie's - thanks, I'll look into it. Thanks for all the other recs.

          I suggested CAV to him already. Again, not a private room but it could feel that way if you're seated in back.

          1. re: JaneRI

            Ya, Napp's separates the foodies from the food snobs, in my book. True, it is in a mall, but the food, atmosphere and service are all good.

        2. Gracie's has a private dining area downstairs (two actually). One the wine room can seat up to eight I think. I am almost certain their larger room could support a party of 20.

          Pane E Vino has an area in the back of the restaurant that can be reserved. It is not totally private. They are very accomodating of the menu. I had a wedding rehearsal dinner there almost 2 years ago for ~30 people and it was great. That it wasn't totally private wasn't really noticeable to me at all during the night.

          1. I believe Chez Pascal also has a private room.