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Looking for Providence suggestions, group of 20

It's business (so $$ not an object). A private room would be a plus. The one leading the meeting is a vegetarian so Cap Grille's wine room would be a let-down for him. Prov Oyster Bar has a private room but it's booked the night we want. I'm drawing a blank....who else has a private room? L'Epicureo does, anyone else?

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  1. Actually, Sienna ("up on the Hill where they do do the boogie"--John Hartford...great song) might be a good choice. The food is great; the price is right;the service is cordial, but seriously professional; the wine list is good. and, in the back, there is a big room which I do believe might be used for groups such as yours.

    1. Al Forno at 577 South Main Street is a staple in Providence. I don't know if they have private rooms, but the food is yummmmy!

      1. I hate to recommend a chain, but Nappa Valley Grille in the mall has a private room that looks very nice. And the food there is good.

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          I like Napa, but the guy in charge is a bit of a food snob and I wouldn't even SUGGEST a restaurant in a mall, you know?

          I didn't know that about Gracie's - thanks, I'll look into it. Thanks for all the other recs.

          I suggested CAV to him already. Again, not a private room but it could feel that way if you're seated in back.

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            Ya, Napp's separates the foodies from the food snobs, in my book. True, it is in a mall, but the food, atmosphere and service are all good.

        2. Gracie's has a private dining area downstairs (two actually). One the wine room can seat up to eight I think. I am almost certain their larger room could support a party of 20.

          Pane E Vino has an area in the back of the restaurant that can be reserved. It is not totally private. They are very accomodating of the menu. I had a wedding rehearsal dinner there almost 2 years ago for ~30 people and it was great. That it wasn't totally private wasn't really noticeable to me at all during the night.

          1. I believe Chez Pascal also has a private room.

            1. How about restaurants that are normally closed on for example, Sunday or Monday nights, but are available for a one night rental? Specifically, I am thinking about Nick's on Broadway. The new location is a nice space and it would be veggie (even vegan) friendly. I wonder if Derek has done/would do that kind of thing?

              1. I sent a bunch of links and he chose Cafe Nuovo. While I am personally a huge fan of Nick's, something that casual would never fly.

                1. Many of the restaurants in town I've been to, from 10 to Bravo to Gracies, have some type of private space.

                  Shockingly, two of my favorite "private room" dining experiences were 10 Steak and Sushi and, ready for this? The Hi Hat in Davol Square (great service, food, and atmosphere).

                  - Garris

                  1. Bravo Brasserie now has a banquet room upstairs. They have a few veggie options that look tasty. And, if you were considering an oyster bar, I'm guessing he might eat seafood. Bravo has several seafood options on the menu.

                    1. I would suggest Mill's Tavern. Pretty sure they have a private room, but I just re-read your post, and I'm not so sure how well a vegetarian would do there.

                      1. 3 Steeple street, upstairs. I attended a party there last winter, they did an excellent job.