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Jan 17, 2007 09:22 PM

Busby's - Mid-Wilshire - open for lunch?

I just drove by Busby's on Wilshire last night and their sign reads that they are now open for lunch. Has anyone been yet? Are we actually getting a decent sports bar in the neighborhood?

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  1. A sports bar? I don't know, it looks like a dancehall to me. However, the sign on the attached restaurant, El Toro Cantina, says it's open for lunch.

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    1. re: Chowpatty

      It is in the former La Boca Del Conga, aka Conga Room, space, which will eventually be reopening in the LA Live project downtown LA across from Staples Center.

    2. Is it connected to the Busby's in Santa Monica? That location has an interesting menu of faux-bistro food....some oysters, salads, french onion soups, and smaller dishes...I ate there once, wasn't super impressed with the food, but it was more upscale for a bar....focus is on alcohol really...not a restaurant

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        Yeah, it's the same people (branches in Santa Monica & Long Beach). Big, fat, overpriced, obnoxious sports bar. Steaks, clams 'n wings to go with your NFL Season Pass, dude! Wonderful. Just what the neighborhood needs.

      2. I live down the street from this place. I've been in only a couple of times. It's the same old L.A. stuff; painfully hip wannabes who are all gonna be bit stars. In my opinion it's overpriced bar food, lots of hi-def t.v.'s. I was surprised that the cocktails (well bar) were reasonably priced. Any way, I hate this place because the RUDE patrons make noise every single night walking back to their cars. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

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          Sheryl - I also live in the neighborhood, and feel the same way. Iaim to be talking to the Busby's management about what their patrons are doing sometime soon. If you know anyone else who's being bothered by this, let me know, I want to show them that we have a lot of people behind us. Strength in numbers. Email me at thanks!

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